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  1. Also available: 8192 sqm with 3625 prims CORNER of region also surrounded by forest and streams, flowers and trees. It's so pretty! Click here to teleport to Serenita. I created a short video to showcase the land: Video of Serenita Region Contact Cerina Zeplin or propertymanager resident for more information.
  2. Experience Felicita! 6144 sqm. 2720 prims: Contact propertymanager or cerina zeplin with questions. Quiet corner on peaceful residential region covered in deep green grass. You are surrounded by forest, streams, and gardens with your own beach area to splash in the water. Teleport To Available Land Media and land rights.
  3. Very pretty ocean front grass land for rent on quiet residential sim. The residents here are lovely and have made this sim their home for a long time. You will enjoy beauty and peaceful surroundings on this privately owned sim. Come see for yourself. The land has been landscaped for maximum privacy and enjoyment. Full Land and Media Rights http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Serenita/112/30/22 Contact Cerina Zeplin or April Meridoc with any questions. Warm regards
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