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  1. Mmm, done that some and I did enjoy it but didn't enjoy having to pick up each time. Makes you realise how temporary a sandbox is....lol
  2. Good explanations Drew. Honestly all this started when I was flying over some mainland and noticed entire tracks empty. After flying around for a half hour not seeing much in development but a large amount of land listed as abandoned I landed and thought this might be nice to build and enjoy. That was until I saw the tier price and thought, why in the world would I want to pay that much a month for something I'm just fiddling with for fun?? Just seemed illogical to me to have prices so high while so much land seemed marked as abandoned. Would I like to own land and learn to build and develop i
  3. I know just getting around mainland it seems I fly through alot of abandoned land. Just the little I see makes you wonder about a mere 14 percent
  4. Sorry, but that reply just doesn't make sense anymore. We live in a world now where broadband is more common and cheaper, computers and servers pricing has come down drastically since the day Secondlife was introduced and are much more numerous not to mention storage medium has gone up drastically in size and capability. I doubt you'll ever see $20 sims, I don't think it's unreasonable the price should have dropped as the capabilities have changed and become more pronounced. Add to this all the abandoned land about doesn't exactly add to Linden's Labs profits. Perhaps it's past time they re
  5. is there a simple reason why land tiers are so High? I travel and explore SL and I see abandoned all over and have never seen a change in land tiers. Is there a reason the tiers have never been lowered to perhaps allow more people to own land and create in SL??
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