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  1. In the past couple of days the events system on the sl website seems to have changed, I cant see the live music events I posted on the website, Can only find on website via top right hand corner search, and when click more info gets directed back to the starting events page? , so am unable to edit due to lineup changes, anyone know whats going on? have tried with 4 different browsers and off numerous computers. The events do show inworld though? any help appreciated.
  2. We invite you to The Dirty Grind, a Steampunk haven for music and visual art to enjoy four incredible hours of live music performances tonight 4/1/15 from some of the most talented ladies in the metaverse! 4 pm TerryLynn Melody 5 pm Gypsy Dhrua 6 pm Shannon Oherlihy 7 pm Phemie Alcott Fabulous line-up of original artists tonight, don't miss out! Come on down! Remember there is a whole amazing sim of Jasmines Hollow to explore too! all times SLT The Dirty Grind
  3. I am a frequent lurker on these forums but not quite sure where was appropriate to post this question. Am looking for some inworld meditation classes, if anyone can point me towards good places, teachers or groups would be most appreciated. Thanks :-)
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