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  1. The lecturers are using it for teaching so every user must be on at the same time. Even once that one machine is turned off, others still have issues connecting.
  2. In class it seems that only one user/machine can be on the game at the same time. I believe the college is using a PAT system, thus, every machine has the same public IP address. Could this be causing an issue? It seems this one machine has grabbed the IP and rights to log onto the game whilst no one else can. Any suggestions?
  3. In this game do I need to/can I buy each individual part for my avatar? Head, eyes, body etc or even better, can I make my own avatar/face? Or do I just need to browse through the endless shop until I find the parts(facial features etc) that I'm looking for?
  4. I have flux installed but I don't have it running. SL is the only program I've ever encountered that causes this, I've tried three different viewers. It only happens once I close the game.
  5. http://puu.sh/fJSl1/bcb6fe92e6.jpg I don't know what the issue is, it works perfectly fine on my laptop and work computer. But for some reason whenever I close it on my main machine it just distorts the colour on my screen. Is this a common issue? GPU: GTX 660 OC CPU: AMD 6350 6 core.
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