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  1. Hi, my name is Andrew. Been single for a while now and, would like to settle down with someone. I'm relaxed and easy going, goofy, and easy to have a conversation with. Must be 18 or older rl. Feel free to message me in world!
  2. find me and send me an IM in world and lets chat. :)
  3. please feel free to shoot me an I.M in world. :)
  4. feel free to IM me in world :)
  5. hey single, sweet guy right here feel free to im :)
  6. nice and sweet guy looking for a special lady to rp with. feel free to IM :)
  7. looking for female role play partner or family feel free to IM me :)
  8. hi im interested in what its like to be a male sub although i dont know much. only done a littl ebit of reasherch
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