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  1. I play on an rp sim. My main avi was banned for no reason but that isn't the thing. I have alts who are also banned from same place but had never been there, in fact some never been to that rp sim before, but when I attempted to take them I found out I couldn't get in. How is this possible? If my main avi is banned does that make all my alts also banned? Thanks in advance.
  2. Does second life take my ip address and how much of my personal information is shared with others and who?
  3. When I click the radar tab I only get a very short distance from where I am located. I have set my graphics draw to the highest setting but still only get the same names. Someone standing beside me will have an entire page filled with people who are far away from us but mine doesn't pick up any of them. I have checked all the settings I can think think of that might affect this but nothing has helped. Do you have any suggestions? Thank You Ani
  4. I had just acquired land and was building a town. It was fine when I logged for the night, the next day when i logged on it was flooded I tried blocking where water was coming in and logged. Later when I came back everything was under water. The entire estate had sunk. I can't find it under the water. What happens now? Is there any way to get it back or will it just dissapear? I hope someone can tell me something about this, I have never heard of it happening.:smileyfrustrated:
  5. I just paid for 2500 L . It said payment accepted but I never got the Linden dollars. How can I get this fixed?
  6. If you derezz someone and blacklist them, can this be undone and if so how?
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