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  1. I bought my land in an auction in lieu of having a lInden home. I don't like it. does anyone know how I sell it? Thanks
  2. Hey folks I can't remember how to load my multigiver. Can someone please refresh my memory? Much appreciated
  3. Hey folks. Can anyone refresh me on how to use my Zooby Multigiver. Can't even remember how to load it. Much appreciated.
  4. I obviously don't know what I"ve got which, is why I'm asking for help.
  5. Thank you. I'll do that right now. Just noticed that it's a Miriam.
  6. Yes but, can't figure it out. Nothing that I do on the HUD accomplishes anything.
  7. Hey all!! I have the Catwa Bento head. This was chosen and set up for me by someone else. I do not know anything about it and my eyeshadow and eyeliner is messed up. I'm looking for someone that can help me to fix the problem. Anyone?
  8. Can you parcel apartments? If so, do you do it the same as land? Thanks!!!
  9. I would LOVE to be a dancer for you guys but, when I teleport, it just takes me to a field. No club. Can you please help?? Thanks!! )
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