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  1. Qie Niangao wrote: Worse than that: Because as you say it's been going on for years, nobody even looks at Event listings anymore, and reputable places rarely even bother to list their events now (except maybe for the Map decoration). Exactly. I run a club, and I don't bother listing my events in search because it is completely dominated by this scam plus the Star Trek Museum (no events there either). I will consider an AR, but honestly, I think I'll be married to a twi'lek before I get a response from that.
  2. It's always advertising the same sim, Loon. The same pattern repeats: They claim to have an event hiring models, paying them well, new residents are welcome, there will be a DJ spinning. Fact is, nothing is happening, there is no DJ, and no casting, instead there is a simple box telling you that in order to apply as a model you need to submit a picture of you in their clothes, which you have to buy first. Needless to say their clothes are of a very low quality. This happening in event search as I type this: Time: 06/23/16 04:00 pm Duration: 2 hours Location: 5TH AVENUE FASHIONISTA on Loon Cat
  3. Good morning everyone, A few friends and me have an idea for an event, and we would like to give the proceeds to a charity organisation, preferrably one operating internationally, like Doctors Without Borders or of course Relay For Life, which a lot of events seem to sponsor. However, I'd like to avoid the hassle of converting L$ to a real world currency before I donate. Hence, the question is: Which charities are known that can accept L$ donations, either using a pay kiosk inworld or other means?
  4. Try adding payment information to your account, that often helps. Can be a credit card or a PayPal account.
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