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  1. Hey guys, I currently own a mainstore somewhere in mainland, it's working out okay, but I feel I would need to expose myself more, I'm terrible at finding crowded spots, like nowadays, there are a lot of role play sims that I could choose from, but I don't know many that are store friendly, and with this I mean: A sim that has a welcome area with stores by the sim rules and sim info (for example) I have been away from SL for a long time, can anyone help me with this?
  2. Hey all, I own a store in Second Life based on advanced warfare and cyberpunk wearables. I'm looking for good sims to host secondary spots at. Can anyone recommend me some? Thanks.
  3. These suggestions are amazing and so are you all by suggesting them, instead of spending money on a marketeer that could or could not help me like you guys did, you helped out of free will and that's something I can never pay for. Thank you, kindly.
  4. Can anyone recommend a reliable marketeer for my new store? I've just opened it and I don't really have many ideas of how to get the word to spread about it. I have done the basic, classifieds, picks, facebook page, joined fashion groups to send notices about new releases and registered my business on a couple of SL business directory lists. But what now? I have the time to spend but I don't know what to do next. Can anyone recommend someone that has worked for you before?
  5. Title. It's for a new shop. Contact me.
  6. Hello. I own a new store to Second Life. I'm looking to have it advertised on a platform you may own, such as a blog, in world location, ad, etc. Please reply here or contact me in Second Life. Thanks, happy holidays! BlacklightUnity Resident
  7. Hey guys, I lead a new cyberpunk shop to SL and I'm sharing it here with you if you like role playing or just sci fi things! You're welcome to leave any feedback, I really hope the SL residents like this new shop! Find us by clicking here. Some of the stuff you may find:
  8. Looking for a fitted rig of the default male and female avatar to be delivered on maya. Should work smooth enough to transfer weights from that avatar to new pieces of clothing from me. PM me
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