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  1. I also want to add that I will keep you all updated on the progress of our relationship. We are a interracial couple and that would not happen in rl for me but in sl everything is possible.
  2. I did not think I would want to meet anyone from sl after my first experience with romance. I wrote about that too you can read that first to understand better. I told myself that after that I would use sl as a entertainment outlet. That was before I met the man of my dreams. At first I couldn't stand him and he dated my rl sis by default since I passed on him. But then we reconnected and he told me how much I meant to him. He also rescued me in my time of need. I will do anything for this man. I met him and he was just what I knew he would be. We both felt the connection and kissed passionate
  3. Interesting subject and I have a true life answer. I met a guy on SL and we liked each other from the very start. We began to exchange photos then we started to Skype and things were good he looked good and was just an all around funny and charming guy. Next we began to have video sex (yes I admit) and I really liked it and became closer to him. Well then came the big visit. Two weeks before I was to leave he sent me to go shopping in RL to get a few things. I didnt ask he just did and again I was very appreciative and felt so close to him. Then Bam! All of a sudden I dont hear from him for a
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