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  1. I'm writing up a notecard right now to send over to you. I'm happily surprised that this old, heavy RPer has possibly found a match in the ever strange, pseudo-RP scene as family RP
  2. Hey! So I guess to get this started I'm jZakat and im looking for RP. Badly I'm a heavy, usually Para roleplayer who has virtually run out of places to go. I went from modern RP, to Star Wars RP, to various Heavy Sci-Fi RP, and to fantasy RP, but for one reason or another I've been left without a home. At this point I don't care what I find. I just want to find other heavy-Rpers to RP with. I'm not interested in hearing pitches about some massive sim who have some huge notecard about what I need to do to be fit for your sim. I just want to find some RP partners and make a cool storyline with. Gay Male IRL so I'm not looking for much love storylines. TL:DR: Heavy Para RPer looking for any kind of Heavy RP, regardless of Genre Message me in game: Jzakat Resident or on Discord: Red Lantern Chris#3552
  3. This is probably an odd request given how star wars roleplay is, but it comes with a bit of story. A few years back when I first started among star wars roleplay, I had a nice guy offer to help me get acclimated since my time before coming to sl was solely spent rping in mmos by making me his IC brother. While that has kinda died out, I loved the feeling, of having an IC tie. So here I am. I am looking for people who like, or want to get into SWRP and want to start things off with a tie to someone. IM me at jzakat resident if you are interested so far. I have my own little plot of land too so we could go back there for whatever :D Thanks for reading.
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