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  1. how can i find my question post?
  2. Nov. 23, 2016, 9:51 a.m. Process Credit to PayPal In Progress USD 561.24 I don't take paypal $ when i get paypal money?? really slow!
  3. im before add my creadit card why i don't click buy now?? Am i need add new card??
  4. im sold 2700L$ but i can not take money... so can i cancel or return my 2700L$ ? i want return my 2700L$ Order IdOrder TypeQuantity OrderedQuantity FilledLimit RateTime OpenedTime ClosedClosure MethodGross US$Net US$52917890Market SellL$ 2,700L$ 2,700–2016-02-28 05:05:202016-02-28 05:05:20fillUS$ 10.47US$ 10.10
  5. when i get money?? i'm sold(exchange) 2700l$ but i don't get money sold day : 2016.2.28 plz check
  6. how can liden return ?? today i pay Feature this item on the home page but i want cancel and return i can not english well so i want return and cacel my money so delete Feature serviece... can i return my linden?
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