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  1. My name is ANSI, and I DJ in RL. I've recently re-joined SL after a long hiatus, and I'm looking to dive back into the SL DJ world. I specialize in mostly Hip Hop and R&B along with Soca and Reggae. Message me in world if you are interested.
  2. My name is Ansi, and I'm from Cameroon. I'm available to be your escort. Need arm candy to a fancy event? Or are you just tired of being with your wife and looking for a night of fun and freedom? Message me.
  3. I tried to apply, but I couldn't find the frame for the application.
  4. I am a popular hostess/dancer who loves to host at different clubs (even new ones!). I love to interact with all guests and make people feel sexy and free. Contact me for booking on second life. I'm guaranteed to make sure your guests have an amazing time.
  5. Thanks for the suggestion! I can totally see what you're saying. I have usually just gone to TMP shop because many of the avis I've run into there have really cute styles. I personally have only bought a head from TMP. But thatnks for that feedback! Do you have any suggestions for good fashion areas around the grid?
  6. Not BS ish at all honey. Have you checked out the blog?
  7. Fashion Bomb is the biggest SL fashion blog to hit the web in 2015. Are you: into SL fashion?constantly revamping your style and always at a loss for where to start?always looking for the best shops/designers?an SL designer?model?bored with the same SL avi looks?in need of some SL fashion inspiration in general?Our goal at Fashion Bomb is to feature the most fashionable everyday avatars and spread the newest SL fashion trends like wildfire. Our Fashion Bomb ambassadors go out into the SL world and seek out the most chic avis. We interview them and have them share their fashionable pieces. If you are an SL designer, this is your chance to get your line out there to thousands of SL fashion bombs and bombettes. If you would like to be featured on our blog, contact Ansileme, the creator of Fashion Bomb, directly. <3
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