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  1. I consider myself to be an excellent writer. I was a Communication major and English minor in college (I graduated in December 2006), and I maintain a blog on the topic of video games. I can teach grammar, mechanics of the English language, essay-writing skills, and I've engaged in newswriting, proofreading (I proofread over 600 career documents for my school in 2 months), and editing. Reach out to me in-world ASAP (xRaivex Resident) and we'll see what we can work out!
  2. Hey there, everyone! xRaivex here. I'm excited to be posting on this forum for my shot at employment. As per the title of this post, I am a writer looking for work. I have a great amount of experience from my various writing projects, such as school essays (I'm a senior studying English and Communication in college, and will be graduating this semester), short stories, role-playing scenarios, and doing a bit of creative world-building through literature as well. However, while those aforementioned areas are my strongest aspects of writing, I am able to adapt to nearly any style of writing, and I find that this versatility is valuable in many different ways. I also have experience with proofreading and editing, as well as a minor amount of experience with newswriting. So while I am an excellent writer, I can help you clean up those itty-bitty errors that slipped by you when you wrote that awesome ad or article (or what have you). :matte-motes-wink: I can even do some RP'ing, if that's what you need, to fill a role in a RP sim or scenario. Please contact me in-world at xRaivex Resident, or send me a message on here (in-world is better, though if I'm busy, I will check the forums if time allows). Looking forward to working with you!
  3. Hi everyone! I'm Richard Tempo and I'm a writer studying Communication and English as a full-time student in college. I want to help your business succeed whether it is new or already established, and I think my wide portfolio of writing skills can help your business grow. I have experience with RP writing (character bios and stories), blogging (both for SL and my own advancement), and writing short pieces of fiction both for SL and RL in school and for leisure. I am always willing to try new content, so if I receive training, I'll be happy to expand my portfolio to help you with that specific business type. If I get taught with enough specificity, I can help you. Given my wide variety of SL writing, I'd like to try something more creative rather than something more business-related, meaning I'd like to help develop stories and characters for RPs and other works of fiction in addition to backgrounds for sims. I can also help you with writing an academic essay by providing editing and proofreading, something that I'd also like to offer to aid in my employment. If I can't help you write, I can at least help you proofread and make your work more presentable. I'd really like to help, so even if you don't have a need for someone creative, I can also help you with marketing and advertising. I'd even expand into doing things not related to writing for your sim, such as an attendant (RPing sim). I'm a full-time student, so I have some time constraints, but I can be available most evenings if needed (and I'm completely free on the weekends). I will try my best to make myself available. I look forward to hearing your responses to this ad. I'm best reached inworld at xRaivex Resident/Richard Tempo, and I will try my hardest to check messages frequently. Thanks for reading!
  4. I'm a writer with a large amount of experience writing multiple different genres, including fantasy, sci-fi, and horror. I've written RPs and I've also written blog posts about a Second Life upcoming game. I can write anything that needs to be written, and with sufficient training in the subject I will be able to provide your company with the boost it needs to gain more revenue and popularity. I can be reached inworld via the name Richard Tempo, or I can be reached here. I do check my messages frequently so if you need to get into contact with me quickly I will do my best to speak with you as soon as possible. Inworld IMs are slightly better than PMs here because of the real-time nature of IMs.
  5. Hello! I'm xRaivex Resident (known inworld as Richard Tempo) and I'm currently looking for work as a writer. I have experience writing many different types of genres, from horror to fantasy. Among my experience are short stories and RP scenarios, in addition to writing short descriptions of various icons in Second Life. I am also a highly academic writer as I am a Communication major in college and a minor in English, with an emphasis on Journalism. I can write anything you need me to write although my best work is short fiction and other forms of fictitious writing such as RP scenarios. I also have a website with various pieces of my work and will gladly provide the link to you upon request. My times are flexible, and so are my rates. I am a full-time student and I do also have other obligations in real life, but I will do my best to fulfill whatever it is that you need me to do. You can even approach me for a one-time job, which I will gladly undertake for my own advancement in addition to helping your company succeed. Hope to see you inworld soon! I can be reached all times during the day, and if I'm not available at that moment I will do my best to get back to you at a reasonable time.
  6. I've been wanting to put my writing skills to use other than writing creative stories for websites. My main expertise is proofreading, but I have other skills as well such as writing any creative story given enough research into the topic in question. I can write adult as well as general audience stories, and I've done some limited blogging. I've done some limited script writing, and as an English major (and Communications minor after my next semester), I am able to adapt to new situations in writing as quickly as needed. I am also skilled at RP'ing, and have a great deal of experience RP'ing multiple genres, so I can help a sim owner with that as well by writing storylines and scenarios. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me in world by either notecard, by PM, or, alternatively, by email (to be provided by request). I have some other skills as well that my love of writing could be applied to, and I'm interested in all openings that involve writing of any kind. Again, I'm very flexible and am always looking to expand my interests. Thank you for reading!
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