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  1. Just downloaded Cool VL Viewer. Works like a champ. I'd rather use something newer and fancier, but if the choices don't work with Windows 10 on my computer, they're worthless to me.
  2. Yes. I also cannot get the SL viewer to load with Windows 10. It crashes shortly after I put my password in, sometimes almost immediately, other times after a few seconds. And the Singularity viewer has been showing me, as a Classic avatar, wandering around with a large house attached to my wrist. All I myself see is a white cloud. I have just downloaded the Singularity test viewer, which appears to have signed me in and allowed me to fix my avatar and delete the house, but I can't move more than a few feet, nor can I fly. Possibly useful because it enables you to get in. This is a premium
  3. Kay Earleno


    My avatar can't walk in my garden. She acts as if she is tripping over things, or blocked by things, but there's no object there.
  4. Kay Earleno


    How to clear the cache
  5. I can't get the viewers to work. I reinstalled, still won't work. If I can't use Second Life, I want to close my account. But I can't figure out how to do it. How can I talk to someone?
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