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  1. I cannot access my marketplace to purchase items after having me account reactivated as I couldn't pay premium bill in time. I'm not wanting premium anymore, its just the fact i want to access my Marketplace again. I am signed in to SL on my laptop on both the viewer and on Google Chrome and are both updated to the latest versions. Whenever I try to access the Marketplace it says " Authorization Failure If you are having problems accessing the Marketplace, please visit support at https://support.secondlife.com." Please Help... The Medic ***EDIT*** Isn't this a support case?!? ***EDIT 2*** Nevermind thanks The Medic
  2. It says there has been an authentication failure when i try to access the Marketplace and I need help to access it. I was banned for a while as I forgot that I still had Premium after I removed my payment info as i thought it would be taken off with the payment info at the time and I have got it back recently and had it restored to Basic but it won't let me back on the marketplace. I am currently using Google Chrome version 44.0.2403.157 m on Windows 10 and my friend is using a similar build on Windows 8.1 and it is working fine for him. I can also log in to my.secondlife.com which is really annoying. It only seems to come up with authentication failure on the marketplace. It seems to also do it in the Internal Browser aswell. Please help me! ~ The Medic
  3. Hi, The Medic here! I am wanting some land that has lots of space and a high number of prims for roughly L$2,350 without weekly/monthly rental tiers! IM me if you have such land! The Medic
  4. I'm looking for a free plot of land with a decent amount of prims. Please I'm me ingame if you have a spare plot!
  5. Please IM me about any jobs that deliver quite a bit of money which is easy to collect.
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