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  1. Then I will try it. Nice tip with the not, but an automated solution would be better on the long run. Manually adding an over time growing list of exceptions is not that nice to use. Especially when the shops are having things from every category imaginable For everone interested the ticket is there --> https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-228960
  2. Thanks, i will try it. Is it the right place there? It does more affect the website than the client itself.
  3. Is it possible to ban some shops from getting into my search results again? I find it very useful that I can take some shops to my favorites list but what is with the other side. I recently found two shops where the articles are nice looking but not working AND to expensive. It would be nice if I could mark them for my future shopping to not show up again. When the owner reacts to my review and makes the articles usable I would more than capable of removing them from a ban list. If there is none, where should the suggestion go to? Greetings Booser
  4. Hello and thanks. When i lookup LlDetectedTouchFace it says that it only detects when an avatar clicks on a surface. It returns TOUCH_INVALID_FACE when the detected event was no touch. That could work but it does have more meanings then just this. It could be that the viewer is not capable for that feature. And when it says TOUCH_INVALID_FACE it doesn't say which face was not touched. But llDetectedVel does the trick for checking the right direction. Thanks a lot. Booser
  5. Thanks, that was the olution for it. I already tried the volume detection but it seems, that I had an error in my setup so it did not function like I wanted it. But now I was a bit smarter and tried it with the given example and it works @.@ Sometimes the easiest things are the best Thanks a lot for helping me. Booser
  6. First, thanks for answering so fast. But no, i think on sth. more like an obstacle to jump over. I want to make a flat wall or a cube to detect when the char is jumping trough it.
  7. Hi. I try to use an invisible box to find out if any avatar has passed the area. When i make a collsion script that shows me when an avatar collides it gets triggered fine. But when i make the prim phantom so i can walk trough it it does nothing. I searched the lsl functions and there where only methods that say it does not work on phantom prims. But i have seen this more than once inworld. Also it must be possible to get the information what did happen inside my prim. And the follow up question is then. When it works, can i get the direction in which the avatar collided with the prim? Thanks a lot Booser
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