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  1. Hello to you I am very happy to be with you in this beautiful program This beautiful Second Life program I am very happy topic or dialogue or problem Telling I found problems with bad people have no respect The expulsion of me and who would insult and deal with something bad I love music is the companion of my heart and I love dancing and I love hearing if the subject of cultural I found a lie and deceive the people by the evil Arabs either places in the second Life is a prison People use them as if they were slaves, and I do not like to be his servant to me one accustomed to freedom I loved the way Second Life design and beautiful places I make no filming video clips on YouTube you can type scenes adventures Sencha They also found people who loved them very much respected I want you to help the problems of the people there are types of people using bad programs subvert each computer setups I ask you the security and protection of these evil people I was looking for you for the administration to speak with you and tell you about evil people Thank you listen to me I was Sencha love you so much I am a woman a good heart I love music so much love adventures and read my thoughts and teach useful things
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