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  1. I’ve been having trouble lately with people crashing my graphics card. My screen will instantly go black and I will get a windows message stating that my GPU driver has stopped working but I stay connected to the grid and I can even still hear and use voice. At first, I thought it could be a problem with my GPU or drivers until someone told me they were going to do it to me and even told me what GPU I have before they did it. The problem is fixed by reloging but in this instance, the person would do it again as soon as I entered the area so I wasn’t able to get his name for a report and it did
  2. LillyEure

    Beta test grid?

    I've never used the beta grid before and I have some mesh models that i would like to test upload. Everything I've read tells me to go to the Aditi grid but im not seeing it on my list of grids. Ive tryed going to the grid named Second Life Beta but im not allowed access any further than the landing point. Any suggestions?
  3. For example, can sell t-shirts in-world that say Second Life Wrestling Team?
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