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  1. everything is working now x3 thank you everyone for helping me out
  2. i will read it through tomorrow since its late where i am thank you for all your advice and help and sorry for all the trouble
  3. i have submit a ticket just waiting now thank you for letting me know to do that
  4. what are the new rules to have a store?
  5. sorry i clicked the support and look but its given me all these options really dont know which one to click ive never used the website before this is my first time sorry
  6. thank you for replying and telling me all this ill go do the support case now
  7. thank you for the video but when i click on my marketplace listings there is an error saying "an error occurred while opening marketplace listings. if you continue to receive this message, please contact second life support for assistance at (second life logo here)" then gives me a link but i dont know where to look or what im even looking for sorry for all this trouble the only reason i know ive created a store is because of the options it gives i dont even remember creating it but my memory isnt all that great
  8. not sure i created it along time and ive just now got something to sell but when i click on the (my store) its like im visiting someone elses theres no options other than add to my favourites and the marketplace listing it wont show me anything just says i have an error >.< i tried reading what i could do but my head hurts from not understanding any of it so ive just started feeling down about it. thank you for replying btw
  9. i just made these textures and wanted to sell them ive never done it before so i wanted to create a store but it looks like i already have one so i tried to upload but there was no upload button and when i tried to see if i should drag it into the marketplace it didnt work so i really would like to know what im doing wrong or if theres something wrong with the store
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