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  1. AzizaRomana you speak the freaking truth. Linden labs does not do the right or respectful thing which is to speak and communicate with those abused in their virtual world. I have been stalked in Second Life for over a year and it went into real life stalking as well. It doesnt take much for Second Life stalking to go into real life stalking- I dont think Linden Labs understands this. Ive been group stalked as I know there are many people helping to stalk me. I was an dedicated and serious roleplayer. I was a fairy and what I did most of my experience in Second Life was roleplay as a fairy. There are people in Second Life that prey on those who seem vulnerable or sensitive and alot of predatory persons are in roleplay sims. Some of the administration of those sims I believe are corrupt and are aware of the stalking and harassment and don't give a f&@#. Excuse my language or dont excuse it- cause seriously- when being stalked in Second Life it is like being a labyrinth of hell and there is no one to help you. My stalkers hacked my computer, I still dont know how they did it. I have been told maybe my IP address was taken. I was followed even after making four alts. No matter where I went I was found. Even when I left Second Life to go to other sites such as Solia online, my stalkers followed me there. I thought there was just a stalker group on just about every avatar site, but it wasnt just that- because even on a non-avatar support chat I was found there too- so I know my computer was hacked too. Linden Labs does not take responsiblity for at least trying to create a safe space for their comunity of residents! its seriously unacceptable. I loved sl and still do. I have met amazing people in Second Life and the freedom and creativity and beauty is uncomparable. Its simply the best avatar site. Its amazing. But seriously- its full of predators and stalkers. its a world where anyone can do anything, even things that arent even illegal in real life- and yet Linden Labs does not understand the need for safety? For moderators? For those to talk to about abuse? Seriously? Does Second Life not understand that it is not ethical to run a site where there is no one to talk to about abuse, there is no support about abuse. We live in a world where there are mentally ill people and predators, they can hide in Second Life and sites like this because there is no support, they know for a fact they can get away with abuse. They arent even worried. And they make reisidents who are trying to express true creativity and true community in Second Life have a miserable experience. And the ones that are protected are those who are doing wrong in Second Life. I do not understand that. I truely do not. And I am very upset about it, and ive been holding in my emotions about it but not today- and it feels good to feel and to realize how much this has hurt me and how poorly it has been dealt with. Im sorry for everyone who has gone through this or is going through this.
  2. Im sorry your going through this. Yeah, stalking in Second Life is a true problem and is not dealt with well. Stalkers do things like make endless alts, hack computers, they do alot of violation of peoples privacy and space- and it does not seem Second Life has taken proper measures to deal with Second Life abuse because there seems to be stalkers and groups stalkers that have been in Second Life stalking and harassing people for years. This stuff needs to get dealt with because no one with decent intentions will want to be in Second Life when it is full of predators, and griefers. Its going to end up just being a group of predators in a virtual world by themselves, such is a damn shame because Second Life is an awesome place and deserves to thrive.
  3. Stalking is dealt with poorly in Second Life, I have experienced stalking that started in sl and went to real life. What I really think is wrong is that Second Life does not have anyone to speak to about abuse concerns. Issues of abuse sadly seem avoided by Second Life. There is no feedback when abuse reports are done. This is direspectful to those who are experiencing extreme abuse that began in Second Life. I have been a resident in Second Life for over a year and I love the site and was dedicated to it. I still am dedicated to it. There should be people from Second Life, genuine support and administration that will assist with abuse matters to at least attempt and create a space of respect for Second Life residents. When there is stalking, group stalking and harassment there is absolutely no support in Second Life. None. All you are told is to file the reports. On a site of so many people, where so many things can be done- it would be respectful to the residents to actually have someone they can speak to about abuse. Person to person contact makes alot of difference in matters of abuse, connection makes a difference. I think it is important that Second Life look into becoming more connected with its residents and their safety.
  4. From my experience, stalking is common in Second Life, also group stalking. It does not seem dealt with and it goes on for long periods of time, years. Its really something Second Life needs to work on. Hacking of computers seems common with stalking too. Its really not understood well how stressful and abusive stalking is and Second Life truely needs to improve and make safety a priority for its residents.
  5. Hello, I am interested in beginning to look at creating skin. I found a site that looked good I just wanted to find out if it was okay to try out? the site is http://www.slskinmint.com/ It seems it would help me go through the process easier, as I am a beginner. -Blue
  6. I found a skin from one of my favorite sl creators on a 2013 skin blog. It was so lovely and I truely want to try it and buy it! I can not find it at the inworld store or on marketplace. Can it be found anywhere now? Was it only sold at the 2013 skin fair as a preview to what would be offered later? Id love to find it if I can. -Blue
  7. Hi, I changed to firestorm viewer today. I tried to put my facelight on and nothing happened. it worked when I had sl viewer( sl viewer is unabel to work on my computer currently). Can facelights work on firestorm? Thank you :) -Blue
  8. I am an avid sl resident. I have been on for about four months now and recently got a home in sl. I clicked on my sl viewer to log in today and it seemed to start up saying detecting hardware, intializing teture cache, intiializing vfs as it always does but this time it stopped and didnt log and the process just stopped. I tried several times and this happened each time. I was unable to bring up the log in screen at all. I am very concerned! I would like to know how to fix this. I love sl and dont want to be unable to access it. Sincerely, Blue
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