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  1. Thank you that was very helpful. I have already looked over about half of them in the past trying to gain enough knowledge as I could. I read the rest of them, the main issue I have had is it is almost all form the submissives point of view. I will mention though "RLV -how it does what it does" did answer my question about the not needing an RLV viewer as a Dom. Most of the articles leave the dominants perspective out. I really hate to be an ill informed dominant so I have been avoiding traps since the incident with my friend. Should the command be in the force sitter to release? How as t
  2. So I'm not new to rlv but I am new to taking a dominant role in sl. I have always been the submissive. As the submissive I never really had to do much with devices or stripping my partner. I have trapped a friend in an rlv but embaressing enough couldnt find how to let them out. My questions are: Do I need to wear an rlv device as a dom? How do I trap someone in an rlv trap? How do I force a trap to release? How do I strip my submissive? Anything else you feel might benifit me to know? Thanks for your help everyone!!! -Quinn
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