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  1. I been imvu since 2005 or 6 i toke long break and came back in 2008 okay Imvu has it moments able chat alone with someone without being bother but also second has it perks too if a newbies there tons place in second life for free in Imvu you can't do that have buy credits half time darn outfit look stupid or has gitch and no one going fix cause most too darn lazy to care anyways i love about second life i can be still newbie without paying for adult pass okay VIP on imvu is like here but VIPs on imvu get make stuff on here don't need VIP make stuff but over all i pick second life more things to do and see am curious type person i get curious how things work.
  2. I'm looking for A friend any gender don't matter to me he-he, plus teach me how second life works and also in inworld I think what's it called but yea am looking for friends.
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