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  1. Thanks to all who responded. I appreciate the food for thought. As you may have guessed, I'm considering asking my SO to come join me in SL to explore all it has to offer together. But I have been reluctant for many of the reasons already given. Hopefully, she won't find it too silly or a threat to our RL relationship. I guess we shall see. Much obliged to all.
  2. First, let me assure you and everyone else, that this is not for a school dissertation or any other kind of research. I am asking purely out of self-interest. Secondly, I can imagine that some men might find it silly. That's their loss, IMHO. I don't think there's anything silly about a RL couple, be they gay or straight, enjoying a virtual world together with almost limitless possibilities! Let me pose the question a little differently. Say you are married in RL and you discover SL and really enjoy the experience and want to share it with your RL spouse. Would you? And how would you approach the idea? I read the posts about the women who tried to get their husbands to come play. It's a shame they, the husbands, didn't give it a better shot. How 'bout the other way around?... A husband asking his wife to come play. I'd like to hear the ladies perspective on this. But I'd also like to hear from any guys that have any near-hand experience with it. Thanks for all the replies!
  3. This is the rich! Best response to the OP yet! Bravo! Are there any other adults here?
  4. I'm wondering if anyone knows about married couples who have joined SL to "spice up" their marriage and explore the incredible things this virtual world has to offer together. I have tried searching on dozens of different search terms through Google and all I can find are stories about couples who meet and marry (in RL) through SL or how SL "cheating" has wrecked RL marriages. But I can't find anything about RL married couples who come to SL together and create avatars to "play" together. And please don't flame me by saying SL isn't a game. I know that. But people can certainly "play" together in SL. And "playing" together is shown to be healthy for RL marriages. So, what about it? Anyone know of situations like this? How did it work out? Did it help expand and invigorate the couple's relationship? I would like to think that it very well could! Thoughts, anyone?
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