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  1. How do I get rid of particle fish? they are driving me crazy. Thank You, Zerinaana
  2. ZerinaAnn

    My Stipend Activity

    Where can I see my stipend activity? In my account activity I see when I have bought lindens and when I have spent my lindens but I don't see my stipend activity.
  3. ZerinaAnn

    mesh avatar

    Will I have to turn my avatar into a mesh avatar, if so how?
  4. I am playing the game Madpea Unia, and I need to use mouse look in play so how do I pick up an object in mouse look?
  5. ZerinaAnn

    lost avatar files

    I lost my avatar files on my computer, my user name and password still works but when I hit log in I pop back to my computer screen, I do not know what other files are missing from my Second Life, can someone help me please. Thank You!!!
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