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  1. Greetings, friends! Just poking my nose around to see if there are, perhaps, any undiscovered or new low-fantasy medieval RP sims. I would have in mind, such themes as REIGN or The Tudors, and would seek, in such a RP, the position of a Lady's Maid, Nobility, or I suppose Royalty if such a position came about. I know there are several GoT sims as well as some new Viking ones, though I much prefer the scandal and politics of life at court. This has been and will be an on-going search, likely for some time...so please feel free to contact me if you know of any, or if you're like-minded and would enjoy getting together to maybe set up a small group for such RP while we wait for something larger.
  2. I would find this sort of RP very rewarding, actually, and was just recently thinking of searching for such a position. Unsure if position still exists, though as I am from the west and my schedule/availability varies, am not entirely sure I would fit the bill, though I would certainly do my best. I would also enjoy being a nanny if a household had children, or a caretaker to any animals in the home. ♥
  3. The newest viewer seems much simpler than the old one. That is a good and bad thing. I do not like how the chat is set up... how can I change the chat configuration to get nearby chat/IMs out of one box and into their own seperate areas like they were on Firestorm? Do we even have that option? If not, please put it back! Thank you!
  4. Some of my items were recently taken from my marketplace, claiming they were IP infringement. The items taken were handmade Princess costumes for toddlers. They were not perfect replicas of any famous copyright, they were my own similar vision. All of my textures used were handmade in Photoshop. I never used the copyrighted company name or images on either the ADs nor the backgrounds, and apart from perhaps accidentally using the company name in the search description, (which I have since remedied), I do not feel I violated anything. I never made claim to own exclusive rights, and there are many others who have since created their own take on similar costumes. Anyway, I contacted LL about the issue, wanting clarity to see what I had done wrong. Over the next couple of days, nearly all of the taken items were returned to my marketplace AND my location in-world, with the exception of four. I have not yet heard back from them regarding this issue, so as you might imagine, I am feeling a bit confused and concerned. I checked my ADs carefully to see what I might have done wrong, and other than one AD, which had 'inspired by (insert company name and character name here),' none of my costumes were in violation, to my knowledge. I have seen many, MANY people 'create' copyrghted items in SL, many of which outwardly have direct copy/pasted images right on the item. Others have re-created famous characters, buildings, etc, with no such claim filed against them, some are even very famous, well-known SL stores. I find it hard to beleive that all of these creators have rights to use these images and words on their products. So my question is: Since my items are NOT ripped models, do NOT have copyrighted images, words, or textures on them and are NOT direct replicas of anything copyrighted, why were they in violation? Moreover, why were the majority of my costumes returned to me by LL after having been pulled, with no explanation? I do not wish to be banned, but I am unsure how to proceed, since I have no idea how to contact them as there is no live support option available to me. I really appreciate any insight given, and I will continue to wait for LL to contact me, which will hopefully be soon.
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