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  1. Yeah the bigest gripe I've seen is people useing it less as an RP tool and more of a greefer hud which is sad cause it looks like it could be fun. I'm curious if it's really so bad or is it a case of a few jerks makeing the group look bad?
  2. Hi there, Today I was approached by a vampire who introduced me to Bloodlines and peaked my curiosity so I've been doing some research and got a lot of mixed reviews about it. The person who bit me didn't respond to my IM, but I had to log shortly after, so not sure if it was just spam bitter or not but I think I understand the jest of the game mechanics and it seems interesting but there is also a lot of bad press too so I''m wondering if anyone would be willing to discuss Bloodlines and maybe answer some questions about it. Keep in mind I'm not looking for "Bloodlines sucks, stay away!
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