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  1. yeah i had this problem a few times myself and i recently posted how to fix it. funny enough i'm having it again right as i'm typing it and came here to remind myself how i fixed it so... yeah. its a file in the nvidia folder. it has nothing to do with sl itself. delete that file and it should fix it. hope that helps. as for why it keeps happening i have no idea. until someone else with more experience or know-how comes up with a permanent solution, thats all i can think of for now.
  2. Nevermind, i found the solution on my own - turns out you have to delete the "nvdrssel.bin" file from C:\ProgramData\NVIDIACorporation\Drs folder. Resetting the app settings for the NVIDIA control panel is also recommended. I'll leave this here in case anyone else gets the same issue. Note that it is not a Firestorm problem. These are the kind of instructions i was looking for. Thanks anyway.
  3. yes, but I meant what file exactly? what do I do with said file? I need details - i can't extrapolate what to do from but a hint. the post above only says "it worked, it had to be with a file in the NVIDIA folder"... *what* worked? what did they do? which NVIDIA folder? there's two on my computer, one in Program Files and another in Program Files (x86), not to mention there's a lot of subfolders with a lot of files in them in both NVIDIA folders - again, *what* worked? are there posts missing from this thread? because i'm only seeing the initially posted problem that this "NO DC" thing is appearing in the upper lefthand corner of the viewer, same problem i'm having - a reply with someone else saying it looks like an overlay from a separate program - and then a third reply saying "it worked" - it doesn't explain to me what was done to fix the problem - and that's what i'm wanting to know. thanks ahead of time.
  4. i need to learn how to delete posts, if possible.
  5. I'm actually having this same issue - how exactly did you fix it?
  6. You would have to contact Paypal about that, as Paypal is the company that keeps the records and all activity related to your account and would probably find better information there, Linden Labs simply recieves the money, and depending on the transaction refunds it where required, Linden Labs doesn't keep reasons why a transaction that was made on your accountwas refunded. They simply follow rules. Paypal would have more information.
  7. Is the land you are using Premium Land? As in land you are given when you get a Premium account?
  8. yea...basically the above...i have windows 8, and im also getting to region handshake ...then a problem message...HELP!?
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