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  1. Basic Requirements to consider before applying. 1-Avatar must be older than 120 days old. 2-Must be able to use your microphone. 3-Avatar must be Mesh & attractive. 4-Must be able to network & build a clientele. 5-Must be able to RP (emote) You dont have to be the greatest. But we will teach . If needed. 6- We are looking to expand our staff to be able to cover all times of the day so no matter where on the planet you are. Do apply. After all no matter where you are there's always someone looking to have a little fun & with your help we will be th
  2. RANDOM CASH GIVEAWAYS** LIMITED EDITION CAR GIVEAWAY FOR ALL THAT ATTEND** 20K RAFFLE CONTEST Ends 7th- 100L Per Entry. Entries Unlimited http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Da%20Trenches/91/31/2646
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