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  1. On my Profile page in the about box I can only type 5 words? Then it just beeps when I enter letter?
  2. using firestorm viewer only certain woman AVs are missing stomache and a triangle extends from chest. Others don't see this. It only does this with certain AV types
  3. I can no longer get the camera option to save as or save and pay to put in inventory like I used to and pat 10L. L$ button on camera is faded and not an option. I use firestorm. It does allow me to post pictures I take but that's all?
  4. If I am speaking to anyone in IM and use arrow keys to walk or turn it goes to lical of nearby chat. I use firestorm and don't see any setting that fixes this.
  5. I bought 8 new pictures at the market. 2 were gif/ moving and 6 were regular pic and came in box Some just texture and some boxes had textures and frame. The moving gods ok just drag to wall and all good. The frames can drag to wall but tiny and edit won't stretch them. Tried to drag textures to frame or wall and shows locked. No notecard?if I click textures I can see pictures but can't put them anywhere. Boxes do open fine. Pictures were from StrDir if brand matters???
  6. I buy pictures from maker and they come as texture and frame. Can put frame on wall but can't edit and can't get texture OT of inventory so can only view not put on wall or frame? I use firestorm. Pictures came in box and texture and pic frame were seperate when box opened. Can drag pic frame to wall but empty and frame to small. Tried stretch no good. Tried to drap texture to frame or wall but can't. Previous answer was not helpful?
  7. What does it mean on web account page when a avatar friends name is not just highlighted when logged on but is green?
  8. Bought helicopter and paid 3000L$ and owner won't respond. I never received it but my linden $ went to Apolon Tupac redstar.
  9. many times when I sit on pose ball it doesn't bring up permission box especially if I have set for 2 avatars mine wont ask animate permission so I just sit on ball and don't animate. If I stop and try just me usually works and this is with several different bed or tubs ect I use Firestorm viewer. I try stop all animations and try again but no help. It' will work on same furniture other times
  10. If I sit on blue ball and use animations and leave to try another on it won't work or won't give blue ball at next place. Sometimes I can't stop or end previous animation
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