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  1. If you buy mainland 512 or less you just pay for land tier is free on private land you will pay weekly tier ownership allows you to modify property no matter how big or small, larger mainland you also pay tier incrementaly larger depending on land, goood luck Ash
  2. 4 views in less than 10 minutes no answers guess few people bought more than one house that won't fit should I post as a forum question to widen the knowledgebase?
  3. Ashirazz

    what is a typer

    to explain i seen a Katy Perry item in marketplace and it refered to being an I kissed a girl typer with animation is that just a gersture for us slow folk who haven't yet got mikes
  4. I bought a house and went to my land and its not in my menu for me to rez but money gone what do I do?
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