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  1. T H E ☠ P E R I P H E R Y Coming Soon.... February 2015 ✯ Visit Website Providing a uniquely exclusive social infrastructure, focused solely on the highlights of being a teen! • Clubs • Sports • Education • Matching Panels • Social Events An entirely NEW way of offering a social meeting place for teens from all communities and schools to come together! Our aim is to find a group of exceptional teens who are invested in themselves and their PG SL experience.
  2. Seeking To Hire -(RP) Position -contact Catherineofaragonn Vemo. ~My husband and I are seeking to hire a nanny to help us take care of our household. We have our hands full with a handful of children ranging from infant to teenage years. Our house is fully scripted with items that need care and upkeep, such as laundry, dishes, kitchen cleaning, and our children use LIFE HUD wich requires maintenance of their needs for hunger, hygeine, etc. The main duties of this position include doing light house work, chores and tending to our children's needs as we travel between our two family estates.
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