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  1. Does anyone else think it's crap that for the first quest in Linden realms, you need at least 1 green gem to be able to go forward? Every single time I go into Linden realms and start the quests I can NEVER find any darn green gems. How are you supposed to complete the quests if you can't even find what you need for the first quest to begin with?
  2. Thanks a lot for all the suggestions!! i typically cringe away from appliers as i think most of them look like they're painted on instead of looking like a piece of clothing so i didn't think of them. I did find one old prim skirt buried deep in my inventory that is modifiable and works ok with the mesh body suits i have; so prim bottoms are another option for layering. n_n
  3. I have a couple mesh leotard body suits that I can't seam to find anything but pantyhose to wear with. It's quite annoying as I can't just wear any old mesh bottom, I have to have a slink version due to my shape. Anybody else have the same problem with finding skirts or shorts or pants to fit over mesh body suits that are made for a mesh body???
  4. i had thought so too but every organizer I've bought only shows the full perm textures and won't load the non trans ones. =/
  5. Is there a texture organizer out there that will accept non transferable textures? I have a quite a few textures that are non transferable that I use for personal use but they are also taking up room in my inventory. I don't want to just throw them in a box because then I'd have to open(or edit and view contents of) the box and view every texture until I find the one I want, which is basically what I'm doing now with them being in inventory (another reason for wanting an organizer)
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