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  1. i was given this by someone i dont trust.....since then many thing have happened...i already purged the item but stil my issues remain....
  2. ha d a few people gift me items im not sure i can trust or not....before i set my settings to ask permission before it gifted me.....is there anyway to check your inventory personally for unsavory items?
  3. I cant get the key word alert feature to work in Firestorm...is there a reason for that? and a way to fix that
  4. My partner deleted a partion of my castle instea dofthe box he tried to delete instead....is there anything i can do instead of tearing it al down peice by peice and rerezing it? He DELETD the portion of my castle..NOT Took....it wasnt in his objects or his trash...i looked. Help,lol.
  5. i used some kind of advanced setting and i cant find where to change this.....its every where that u click to sit and doors and water falls and the sky SOS!! I TRIED ALT control T and it didnt work MY sky and doors are still RED....HELP!!!
  6. It says unsaved changes and it has a little swirly symbol but it wont let Me save nor change outfits.....some one help....I need to go to work soon. HELP.
  7. I toggled between phatom on the floors but the doors are connected to the floors......What did I do.....i unlocked them as well.....nothing has helped.
  8. I have logged out and logged back in to have it missing still......how do i get it back?
  9. We have tried different boots and i have tried to selecting the floor and going from phantom to not I am at a loss.
  10. I need help learning how to wallpaper MY Stone Misery house
  11. MY girlfriends Groups -NONE option is gone and in its place is a submissives changing closet.....is this a RLV thing or a BUG?
  12. I need to get rid of this scripting window, it is spaming error notifications
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