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  1. In need of scripting for a product design that I have. A simple HUD system in which various types of points are gained over time via ‘sitting’ on one of my products. These same points are also slowly lost over time. There are other specificities that will be discussed. Please contact me, preferably via Forum message but also in-world at Thommas McMahn
  2. As the title states, we're interested in starting a RP military loosely based on historical regimes of the past. Though our core lore is purely fictitious (Think Soviet Russia or even the DPRK) we have established a general basis for the theme. We would like for this to not only be a 'military' roleplay but also a governmental one as well with various roles and responsibilities for non-combatant participants. We're currently looking for both Officers and Enlisted servicemen including Pilots, Administrative Personnel, Infantry, Seamen, Recruiters and Military Police. We're also looking for gove
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