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  1. When will Linden Realms reopen? It has been closed for weeks and that game is a primary stress-reliever in my life. Not even a note from Punky explaining what's up. I'll have to check in to Rancho Cucamonga for the fabulous rest cure soon.
  2. I wear an Equestria's Pride pny avatar, and I no longer walk or run, but only glide along.
  3. I see in the Experience tab under Me on the tolbar a listing for both Linden Realms and New Linden Realms, with the Experience in both instances enabled for all users. Is there a New Linden Realms, and if so, how to I find it?
  4. In the realms I have had a few different players seemingly attatch their avatars to follow mine as they are being chased by cloud sentinels. I have not been sent home, but they have. My best guess is they are trying to trick the clouds into booting me instead. The close following is distracting, annoying, and unavoidable. Is there any way to protect myself?
  5. A stranger claiming to be in Slovenia asked me for a gift of 50 lindens as their Slovenian credit card will not work to purchase lindens. I am inclined to be helpful. Is it a scam?
  6. Thank you, Alwin Alcott. Husband uninstalled and reinstalled viewer and drivers, reset connection, and now everything works fine.
  7. My husband upgraded to window 10 and now SL viewer wil not start. It just gets stuck at Initializing VFS. I hadn't logged on in a few days but the upgrade seemed like the likely problem. My husband updated video drivers last night, still no SL. Any ideas?
  8. About a week to ten days ago, I started seeing many avatars as partially invisible. I occassionally find my avatar missing a piece or two when I log in, but the invisibility in others is constant. I can repair my own appearance, but I see many others as missing portions of their torsos, limbs, or both.
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