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  1. I m sorry to post this, it will sound cynical, but I just can not enjoy my home in Bellisseria continent. It looks excellent, but.my frames are 4/5 everywhere on the whole continent 20 at best and the lag and and slow rez is annoying, and it's not just me or my connection or my settings (gone threw this with too many people). I made a video of me in my dead region, not a soul around for regions. The scripting in the sim shows low, My draw distance is only 64 , btw is not a lot of fun either, the norm I have it set to 512, with no problems. I have a GTX 1060, 100mb line, 2019 gaming computer my SL works great in every private region, and not bad in most mainland. Look at my FPS in the video, that is so bad I can not even have fun or build anything. In the video, I start at my home in Bellissaria, than I teleport a private region than I teleport to a mainland region and go back to Bellisseria. This has been for the past six weeks, I have tried three different homes and regions with all the same laggy mess, I can not have fun when it looks like someone turning the pages of a book as a fps. The house looks great, but to ride a bike, car or build things are almost impossible, I am hoping to wait it out and see if it gets better but wow, after all that time I waited to even claim land there now I wish I stayed renting on a free account.
  2. Figure it out while ($result_list = mysqli_fetch_array($result, MYSQLI_ASSOC)) echo ("".$result_list["SC"].",".$result_list["PC"].",".$result_list["CC"]); took me all day of reading and trial and error but I finally got it.
  3. OH I SEE NOW IM A FING CHICKEN, /me does the chicken dance.
  4. trying to finish a system that updates data to a db, I been using a subscription php script I found on market place that I stumble my way thew to make it do what I want. Far from a PHP master im stumped and could use any help if it;s out there. here my code <?php if(!empty($_POST)) { $userKey = $_POST['uid']; $name = $_POST['name']; $SC = $_POST['SC']; $PC = $_POST['PC']; $CC = $_POST['CC']; $query = "SELECT * FROM tablename WHERE uid = '$userKey'"; $result = mysqli_query($connection, $query); $row_count = mysqli_num_rows($result); if(!$row_count) { $sql = "INSERT INTO HUD (name, uid, SC, PC, CC) VALUES ('$name','$userKey', '$SC', '$PC','$CC')"; $result = mysqli_query($connection, $sql); if($result) { echo ""; } else { // Tell the user that there was an issue. echo "Sorry, there seems to be an issue in getting you set up!\n"; } } else { // this is my problem below $query = "UPDATE `dbname`.`tablename` SET SC = '$SC' ,PC = '$PC' , CC = '$CC' WHERE uid = '$userKey'"; $result = mysqli_query($connection, $query); echo "$SC,$PC,$CC"; } } I don't want it to update the table, I want the script to echo the data SC,PC,CC from the row the uid I POST . if any one out there can help I really need it.
  5. Are for love ones not strangers unless you a good friend, mother /Grand or waitress serving breakfast at 3am it's offensive. Hon, sweety, baby all that drives me bananas.
  6. I am hiring beta tester for a Conception/maternity HUD I am building. I can only pay you with a free HUD when it is finished as I am not very SL rich There is now information on my ever changing website (still under construction) www.sltreeoflife.com Please send me a IM , they go to my email if I am not online and much easier for me to keep up with. I need male and female avatars for testing, but at this time I only need female. No child avatars please.
  7. I am trying to mod a subscribe script for a build I am working on but am having trouble figuring out how to REPLACE or UPDATE a data entry.The script searches the db for a user key, if not found it INSERTS the data, if found it returns a message that the users already been subscibed. I would like to make it replace the users information with a updated value as this is being moded to make a game server data base .The hope was the spot for email would really be their score and when they gain a point the script sends the new score amount to the data base which should replace or update the information. below is the script im trying to mod. Any help would be great. <?php // We get the $connection variable from our config file include 'config.php'; //Check to see if a POST request has been submitted. if(!empty($_POST)) { //A POST request was submitted, so define the variables. // The users Key $userKey = $_POST['uid']; // The users name $name = $_POST['name']; // the users submitted email adress $email = $_POST['email']; // First we do a query on the table using their uid $query = "SELECT * FROM subscribe WHERE uid = '$userKey'"; $result = mysqli_query($connection, $query); // Here, we do a row check to see if they already exist $row_count = mysqli_num_rows($result); // if the do not currently exist if(!$row_count) { //Create the query and attempt to add the user. $sql = "INSERT INTO subscribe (name, uid, email) VALUES ('$name', '$userKey', '$email')"; $result = mysqli_query($connection, $sql); if($result) { //Tell the user they have been added. echo "Thank you $name, your subscription has been created.!"; } else { ((( THIS IS THE PART I LIKE TO CHANGE TO UPDATE THE USERS DATA NOT TELL THEM THEIR SUBSCRIBED. i like to keeo their name and user id but update the email row)) // Tell the user that there was an issue. // We do this in case there are any issues with the script or the data connection echo "Sorry, there seems to be an issue in getting you subscribed!\n"; } } else { // Tell the user that they are already subscribed $query = "SELECT * FROM subscribe WHERE uid = '$EMAIL'"; $replace = '$EMAIL'; echo "Hello $name, updated."; } } else { //A POST request was not submitted, so display an error. echo "Sorry! You're not allowed to view this page."; } // Now be a good developer and close the mysql connection mysqli_close($connection); ?>
  8. StormForce Inferno Gaming Desktop PC - Intel Core i7-6700K 4.4 GHz , 32 GB RAM, 3 TB HDD, 512 GB SSD, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Dedicated Graphics, DVD/RW, Wi-Fi, Windows 10
  9. There used to be a script in the library that let you click a HUD prim and it would drop a dialog of the avatar names around you using a scanner.I can not seem to find it would anyone know where this might be or could help me make one?
  10. Is this a body I can buy? I see so many options for this but can not find the body to buy.I been looking for 2 days and even their site tells me nothing about where on marketplace or in world this "TMP" bodies can be bought.
  11. https://www.rokoko.com/en/ starting a new project for second life and Sansar if any one like to follow along my adventure using Avastar and the animation suit I order from the link above. My suit should be sent out the 28th(if I am lucky) I am opening a blog I will update daily after I get the suit and start using it.If you want to follow along my blog will be www.riot-vampire.com I love any input or ideas for animations feel free to friend me.
  12. I have been making a venue and would like to hire staff . Djs - Only DJs that speak on the mic and have their own stream. 2 hour event pay offer = 1000L + what ever tips you can make. Host - Able to greet people, post 2 hour events on SL website , run and contest events. 2 hour event pay offer = 700L$ plus any tips you can make. You must understand how to post events and be creative with what themes events should be. This will be a venu for goth,punk ,industrial, dance music venue. Events will be based around horror movie themes like "Scream Queens". "Best Undead", "Best Monster/ killer". I be willing to work with any one that like to be involved, message or notecared Neonsteampunk Resident if you have a interest.
  13. I figure it out ussing a greeter script,I have a button that is linked to a function I made. The function loops the first list of prim namre making a 2nd list of uuids and not the word"open". I ussed the += for the word "open" leeaving me with a list of uuids,the fact that some user will have different amounts and the prim names a set order of links made it easy to mod the greeter script. Thank you for your input it helped me to choose the correct open source script to asssist me in this
  14. I kind of get what you arre saying but it does not really explain much. there is no flaoting text,the system simple allows you to log uuids to prim names so its a perm thing and no risk of loosing them on a reset. Bottom line we are trying to give the usser the ability to add up to 20 fellow RPers in their HUD for long term storage, some might have 2 uuids others might have 20.Using string data stored in prim names will insure no lost or a user having to carry a list from sim to sim.I do not thik a timer is needed as this is not a list that changes much. I dout I explained it correct the first 2 times,Hope this explains a little bett
  15. The script is part of a RP tool, a pager HUD for a hosspital. The user can drop a list of people around them and add DR,Nursse what ever to their pager HUD. When added it will replace the name "open" with a uuid.When they want to page people it will drop a list of who uuid is in the HUD (the reason for the ssecond list) .then the user has a textbox to place the message and it them instat messages the person they choose the message from the drop box. this part of a hosspital rp , a simple pager tool is all im making.
  16. I do not know much about this so I will explain what I am trying to do . I do not even have a script made to post.I have a link set with 11 prims linked together. I would like to make a list of the prims names from link 2 to 10. Somthing tells me doing trying to do the below is all wrong... list names = [ (string)llGetLinkName(2),(string)llGetLinkName(3),(string)llGetLinkName(4),(string)llGetLinkName(5) ,(string)llGetLinkName(6),(string)llGetLinkName(7),(string)llGetLinkName(8),(string)llGetLinkName(9),(string)llGetLinkName(10)] So my first question is what would be the best way to compile a list using 10 to 20 linked prims names or is the above the only way? My second questions, using my list I made from the above question I like to read the names and make a second list from any name that differs from a selct word. example if the list is ["OPEN","OPEN","AVATAR UUID","OPEN","AVATAR UUID","OPEN"] I like to make a 2nd list of only the avatar uuids and not the word "OPEN". In the end I would have a list of prim names that are not "OPEN" but ony a list of avatar uuids for the prims names. I am not sure the best way to explain this but if any one can understand my question I love a little help.
  17. I love it and sign up for the beta testing! I do not see anything in this game like bloodlines .Bloodlines dont have dark children or combat with dark energy. I noticed many of the mean replies are blind anger as you can tell they never looked at what was posted on the Facebook about the game .It looks more like some people just do not like these games and they are not even listening or looking into the facts.I spent the day with the beta group and had great time Saturday . I am shocked as new player the assault on this man for simply wanting to make a game .The people with critical replies might what to remember we can look at past post you made and from what I can see the main ones crying have a large list of negative cry baby replies post.I will be honest it has kept me from speaking here as I feel I might be yelled at by people with 4,000 post and a anger issue.
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