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  1. Me have sex with you then you pay me for it. Sound familiar? Averiek
  2. Having hard times in rl...only way to get fast money...and if it belongs in adult it will be moved, that's fine.
  3. I want to be showered in lindens (and something else I will keep for private conversations) ;)...message me in world if you are looking for some excitement and entertainment...you won't regret it! Averiek
  4. Also they may be out of date and a lot of them are free, but a lot of them aren't free and make tons of money each day. They will never go out of style in my opinion.
  5. Thanks so much on the tips! I know what I am doing, it's just hard to get my name out there and get clients. Really, I need help with advertising . Iam really serious when it comes to business like this. I am trying to do my job, I am, but it's almost like nobody is interested. So I come on here, hoping to find some sort of light to help guide through the tunnel. I will try my hardest to come up with the money, but I need clients to do this! D: I am going to put forth the effort to do so.
  6. If you want a percentage of all my pay then invest in a good service, lol. Might have an escort club one day.
  7. Hey! I am trying to create a private escort business...But in order to do this, I need help with lindens. I am working on renting land and buying a building and furnishing it, but I need someone to help me out to get it running. If you are interested in donating or being a sponsor, IM me (Averiek). In total, I am going to need about 15k lindens for the first month, then about 6k each month after that... If you just want to donate towards my business, IM me and pay me, then you get a freebie ;)...sponsors get freebies all the time as well! Also, if you just want my rates for the service itself,
  8. JupoCash owes me $200 and aren't paying or responding to me. I would like to know how I can report the person who hads out the money because the website must be a scam since this is happening. I got $40, but then they stopped paying. Please help! EDIT: Also, the second reply is kind of lame because I know they aren't related; Someone owns Jupocash on SL and I wanted to know how to report them for scamming. Telling me they aren't relating is stating the obvious...I found them anyways so yea :) Thanks for the great help!
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