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  1. I found there are many problems with Sketchup models which lead to things like very inefficient topology, bad triagulation etc. When texturing with Sketchup areas with the same texture become seperate sub objects, this leads to a much higher land impact then normal. A door I made in Sketchup with textures from Sketchup had an impact of 5, the same door with corrected topology had only 1. This means loosing the Sketchup textures and doing something like UV unwrapping and mapping with a real 3D model application like Blender. Also, you cannot rely on Sketchup's own triangualtion method when exporting. As Sketchup generates alot of duplicate vertices and faces which all make for a high land impact and much higher upload cost then needed. I was able to bring my Sketchup door of 36 upload cost down to just 10.
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