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  1. Superfan: Guys playing female roles in SL has become more common . For females it's less common playing a male. It sometimes is easy to tell based on their profile (no voice, no cam, no pics)..or noting in their profile at all even though they've been here for a while. Others flower things up a little. Some guys are just honest and say they are a RP female, but most aren't because they've caught a lot of flack...Some want to dress up...and just be a woman...kinda makes one wonder when pixel sex in involved...(man on man in the real world). In SL they are what they want to be, in the real world is another story. Some may be bisexual..some are married....others crossdressers (and this let's them do the woman thing safely) and others want to score a chick so they go lesbian. It is sad that one can't be open and honest about this but that's SL. When in doubt - voice. Yes they can morph their voices now but I think you need to pay a fee for that and most wouldn't. Hope this helps..
  2. and you can't be sure that all women are women..........my ex RL boyfriend is female in SL...........fell in love with HIS avi......plays a woman better than I do and I'm a woman...........how scary is this lol.
  3. Jinx: At least (or so I think) he's maintaining his male status. My now ex-boyfriend has played females. One he does indicate that he's a RP female....the other avi doesn't mention it. He goes to lesbian or BDSM places and during his encounters takes pictures and keeps them on his computer. Why.......maybe to relive the experience.......or as a sexual outlet. I would rather have my guy as a guy rather than something like what I had. He's honest with you and he's still with you. I couldn't deal with what my boyfriend was doing.....I saw some of the things he did and I asked him if that's how he looked at females in general . Lesbian places don't bother me as most lesbians are guys......so essentially he's **bleep**in a guy.......no wonder he didn't have anything for me.. Just take your deal one day at a time.......... Daisy
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