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  1. hi guys so i have not been able to log into second life for 2 months now i updated to windows 10 on my laptop updated what i needed to and still same thing ''requesting region capabilities'' so now ive been using my desktop which is an old dell 2009 windows 7 DESKTOP: Dell windows 7 Processor: Intel(R) CPU 1.86GHz Core(TM)2 6300 @ 1.86GHz Installed memory (RAM): 2.00GB System type: 64-Bit operating system Internet i have spectrum and a netgear wireless usb adapter
  2. i was wondering if there is any other way i can purchase linden dollars without having to use my official bank credit card like if i can use a pre paid gift card visa that i can buy from a local store
  3. A laptop around 300 usd maybe a new modern model laptop that can play second life on hugh graphics and can handle ultra graphics and not lag a little lag from internet connection is okay but an affordable laptop that has awesome graphics
  4. Photographer looking for customers.... hey guys its august! yay im doing morphs and profile pictures for 100 lindens if you are not satisfied we can do a free redo or a free gacha item...... IM me send me a notecard inworld rosestraaf21 and add morph or profile photo with your name and date calling card and details tysm!
  5. Well my friend has a link in her profile it says more? but its a link when i clicked it..it went to a website how do i do this to put a link on my profile but its not a link it has words instead??
  6. Hi im looking to be hired asap i cant upload lindens anymore in-world anymore and im looking for a job to help me pay for my rent...thats all.... my experiences will be listed below... *i can retexture (custom textures...retexturing...logos.profile photos..etc) *Sim Designing *modeling *Security *management *Event Planning *can make custom avatars etc.... if you are looking for staff please IM me in-world rosestraaf21 {serious inquries only}
  7. Hi im rose.... i enjoy sim designing...its been a hobby for so long for almost a good 3 years... i can teraform to a perfection! and... have you ever had a problem with uneven un aligned roads i can put them on point to perfection for you i can negotiate with you on the prices to make it affordable for you beating the other sim designers prices out there if interested IM me...rosestraaf21 and if i am offline please send a NC ((Example of my work are available))
  8. Hi im Rose.... Im looking for a decent job...yes i have looked thru the forums and etc...but im not looking to work as a host or an escort....ive been in Sl for a good amount of time of 4 years and picked up alot of skills along the way.... My Experience in the job force... *Sim Designing (Landscaping,Home Decor,Etc) *Manager *Photographer *Graphic designer *Custom Tat maker and etc *Custom mesh builder (inworld mesh builder as well) *Custom Mods *Assistant These are some... If anyone had suggestions or is hiring please feel free to IM me..rosestraaf21 (Serious inquiries only ty)
  9. Not sure if your still looking for one but IM me inworld rosestraaf21
  10. So ive been trying to make friends maybe meet that special someone lol i got the personality the energy but i keep looking at the wrong places im nice and all but people just poof away D: last time i checked everything looked honest and friendly even my rl picture any suggestions lol places to go to tips im open and up for it :D
  11. Looking for a roomate..... *Rent is 500 a week...split is 200...with 200 prims *I live with 2 other people who are family they are nice so no problem there * we live in an apartment with 4 rooms and its side by side but no ones ever home! please IM rosestraaf21 (serious inquries only ty)
  12. Renting out a small shop for starters or who needs it for 200 lindens a week for 200 prims come look at it! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LUXORY%20PRIME/72/20/22 If interested IM rosestraaf21
  13. Ive been hearing about this over a month and im curious what the sl v2 is what is it!! and when is it gonna we released!??!?!?
  14. Hey normally when this happens i just detach everything off of my avatar meaning right click detach all completley taking off alphas clothing and etc and if that doesnt try checkng your graphics hope this helps good luck!
  15. Hey guys due to my boredom no this isnt a spam IM me inworld if you need or want a profile pic done for free! for one to help me build my portfolio up and a free pic for you im doing morphs and more! hurry offer stands till wednesday! avatar name :Rosestraaf21
  16. ive been using firestorm for so long now im looking to changing my viewer something perhaps that has good graphics low lag and easy to use both convinient for taking pictures touching up my avatar and building
  17. hi i am a photograoher in sl and a graphic designer i can make custom logo's re texturing and more for a good price and done quickly IM me rosestraaf21 inworld for examples
  18. Welcome to UCMM we have weekly events speed dating live performences ad boards photo contests games in the hang out room rentable shops all matching boards are 1linden only! WE ARE HIRING! 1 Co-Owner2 investors& a party planner alll serious inqueries will hand me a note card saying time zone date of SL start job experiences etc! notecards all excepted as IM's may get capped thank you
  19. Hi uniquely charming dating services is looking for staff we are new and looking for poeple to join the family here are our available position at the moment *we need..... 1 co-owner 2 investors if interested please send me a notecard IM's get capped if serious inqueries include in the notecard a very detailed application of what position you are interested in and your experience and backround also time zone and re-name the card with your avatar name followed by (application) thank you so much and take care! (All notecards go to rosestraaf21 resident)
  20. Hi uniquely charming dating services is looking for staff we are new and looking for poeple to join the family here are our available positions at the moment *we need..... 1 co-owner 2 Manager's 2 Investors (please IM me in-world if interested serious inqueries only)
  21. Im commiting to my plan of opening an agency IM me for full detail im looking for someone who is willing to half .....to be fair all profits will be cut 50/50 this isnt a club! it is legit! looking for someone who is experienced with managing plz IM me in-world (rosestraaf21)
  22. Hi my name is rose and im the photographer for uniquely gallery we offer these below profile pictures portraits couple portraits close ups family group pics and more and affordable if your on budget so good price for amazing quality! come check out my work in-world http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Whitechapel/178/210/22
  23. Hello thanks for reading my post im a sl photographer im looking to be hired i do profile pictures logos morphs & more! here's some example of my work https://www.flickr.com/photos/127650272@N02/ if interested contact me inworld at [rosestraaf21] or reply to the post thanks!
  24. Hello thank you for viewing my post ^.^ Im currently looking To be Hired heres a list on what im experienced @t *Photography {PS user} *Sim designing {I do teraforming} *Experienced sales agent *Experienced in modeling *Customer service rep. *Dj,Host *Managment *Security *Experienced roleplayer for family sims and general sims *Advertisment manager *Builder *Event planner thats just a general listing of what i can work with for sim building i have set prices but i can beat competitive prices if interested please IM me inworld (rosestraaf21)
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