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  1. I couldn't agree more with everything you wrote, James. I have tried to analyze why things have gone so horribly wrong, and I think it's as simple as this: There's been no one to set standards - and this applies to EVERYTHING in SL. Look at all the music clubs for instance? Or DJ's, bands that perform? The quality is so low that had someone presented such crap in a RL club, it would have resulted in an angry mob waiting for the dj or artist(s) after closing hours. In interracial clubs you can expect to hear all the lame 80's stuff (Phil Collins etc). Check any club where the majority of the guests are black- anywhere on this planet, and you'll notice that the music style doesn't differ much. Only the artists playing it. It's soul, hip hop, R & B or rap which dominates. And the whole nostalgia (80's especially) is typical for people who didn't get it when they were in their 20's, and never will. Placing morons to run the music will only appeal to... you guessed it- more morons who probably couldn't tap a 4/4 beat even if their lives depended on it. Same goes for BDSM clubs. Think the people behind those clubs frequent BDSM communities in RL? I am willing to put hard cash on the fact that they've never been inside a BDSM clubs. I'm a newbie myself when it comes to BDSM. I've been to gatherings (nope, there's no orgies going on, In fact it's mostly couples in discreet conversations with other couples) For the record- i kept a girl I know with companies, it's not really my thing. Though I must say that it's not uncomfortable in any way to mingle with people. And once and for all: NO one uses titles like "masters" etc. All of that is private and kept between the dominant part and the sub. They start at the other end- establishing trust. THIS much I've picked up at least. So how come the whole BDSM scene is so far from the real thing? Again - iit's morons who's in charge. That's why. New people adapt the behavior they see from long time users. Let's face it, the whole sex scene is controlled by people who probably couldn't get laid even if their **bleep** cured cancer. And THAT'S why the social interactions are so clumsy, why most are so unpatient, self centered and often rude. In their universe it's just one person that matters: themselves. They have no experience from RL that can raise the bar. In fact most guys seems like they're not even trying. Anyone who's been here for more than half a year and still hasn't bothered getting an ao, some clothes - and get rid of that freebie dick that looks like a dead fish that's been floating in water for days - will remain that way, It illustrates the mindset at play here: They're not here to be "part of something", their here to BS girls to have sex. Or sex isn't the right term... A female they can ejaculate inside is probably more correct. When it comes to women, I started noticing something totally unexpected. Their average age is way higher than what's common beliefs (35). Nothing wrong with mature women, so please don't misunderstand my point. My point is that many of them have lived in **bleep**ty marriages for so long, that even zit faced gamer cellar dwellars are better than nothing, or their impotent hubby. See what I mean? In bars, clubs, venues - you gotta make an effort. If not, you're taking a cab home alone. It's self regulated, there are norms and standards. Sometimes charm and humor can do the trick, other times intellect or wisdom, and in hip clubs- clothes and a pretty face will land a partner for the night. "Hi"... pause....."**bleep**" has NEVER worked. EVER! (Sadly enough it seems like some girls have just given up and has lowered themselves down to the same level. I've received quite a few of those myself). A friend of mine dated a girl who turned out to be an alt of the clubowner of one of the most visited clubs in SL. And here comes another factor which in my opinion also play a part in this giant train wreck of a virtual reality. She claimed to be 29, but by accident he found out that she was 2 years younger of his granny. In fact all the females in charge was way past retirement age. Long story short - he ended it. Not rude, not loud, just told her that his preferences was girls his own age. The result? She banned him, many of his friends (inkluding me) thinking we would spread the word about her age etc. In order to "remain 29" she easily axed 7 people who hadn't done or said a bad word to her. SO... here's a bunch of seniors who has built their establishment solely on lies. They establish some sort of authority. And of course, gets easier access to men. Uses alts so they never have to answer to anything (it wasn't me, I don't know that person) Unfortunately he and his friends work in IT business (Ipsec, software testing etc) so they decided to put her to the test. Not going into details, but the key word is streaming media) 3 people in the club management shares the computer. same geo location. It doesn't solve anything of course. But we know for a fact that this person lived for free, used all of our stuff and was treated good in all ways, repaid us by switching to daily manager and banned us, then switced to another in the management (which we tried to explain things to) Who of course "sided with daily manager" - herself, who sided with the "girl" who had gotten her heart crushed (also her). As a side note: Others started to look closer into some of the biggest and most popular sims. I'm not going to mention any names or places, but I've seen hard evidence which leaves no doubt that they're scamming people (a high membership fee. And if the place is full when new people tries to join, the simply kick out and ban random members (!!) In my opinion- all of these things are part of what has caused the disaster on SL. Let's hypotethically say that James had gone to the owner of his fave RP hangout. And complained. Tried to suggest changes or instate guidelines. It could be anything- and motivated by a wish to improve things. In most cases, James would have been filed as being "the REAL problem. Bad for business. Think this would have resulted in support from those in charge? Hardly. There's no will to improve anything in here. There's no goals to stretch for, no pride in their work and the majority are so depended on their status, group of phony friends . And pretty comfy half assing stuff,. It's perfect as it is. And seriously- even Lindens have realized that this is the Titanic of virtual worlds. Their new platform- Sansar isn't going to be a better lagfree version of what we know as Second Life, They've hired in high tech expertise, teamed uo with partners, has implemented 3rd part apps, new technology like Oculus Rift. And you won' t be able to rent land from rental companies and put up whatever you like. In other words - their old slogan that said "Come and build this wirtual world together with other members" has been buried. With the apps and the 3d glasses, it's clear that it's the age group 18-25 they wish to attract (since this age group are known to generate more members (friends) spends more money on gadgets than other age groups. The whole BS concept is impossible too of course, Announcing subscriptions that includes lots of apps - maybe even 3d glasses has eliminated any chance of cheap China copies being sold at Marked place also.To round off I'd like to address whay you pointed at in your opening statement: RP. Let's assume that Sansar becomes an instant success. This elephant's graveyard will change immediately. Keep in mind that hardly anyone talks about Second Life when they're not logged in. That's going to change with the introduction of new technology, new ways to communicate both inworld and cross platforms (through apps) Creepy dudes dancing naked with minors on beaches - ba-bye to them as well. They managed to keep their disgusting activities relatively hidden from the outside. Instead a new group of highly competitive people will be an influensial force. Gor don't stand a chance either. I predict a much higher interest in RP actually. With all the technology in place I'm pretty sure it will be regarded in a much more serious way. One possible direction could be that a sim has a built in grade system where fantasy RP rewards those who performs well. In other words it's not just how you express yourself, but what effect your character's choices has (think gaming) RP involving sex has a much higher standard on Achat (just to mention one) And if we consider that the idea is to abandon the sex and music clubs concept, their idea must be to offer a virtual world that's not divided in sims.. It's one world (giant of course) for all. From history, we can say one thing for sure: Sex will never run out of date I'm curius about the housing situation will be. Only Linden houses maybe? From preview pics I've seen big city life- as if people lived in flats? I could be wrong. I'm waiting for my new password from Aditi so I can test the beta version properly. Ps: The cliff note version of what I wrote is: Second life started to early. And seen in perspective- it hasn't exactly bombarded us with improved functions or offered anything "new" . And how tell all the BDSM fans "listen guys, what you're practising isn't roleplaying, it's a really poor copy created by assholes and for assholes- so they could get laid online. Plus a kind and including iniative so wifebashers wouldn't be discriminated". Even a manual was created I think...."The freeloaders way to the **bleep**". And wasn't a movie in planning? "Dom and dumber (Master). Had Second Life been launched in... say 2011, they could have sold it differently. As a "test version" so to speak. With the real deal comming later (seems like February/March is when Sansar will be launched. All the wrong people signed up for all the wrong reasons when second life started. Thanx to them, we're left with a virtual world which has proven once and for all: Makind are heading back to the treetops and banana diets... (and no, I don't consider myself as being an expert on anything on Second Life. I would have loved to learn more. I've been close to leaving the last months. Lost good friends too. My rant is over now, but damn I needed to say this!
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