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  1. I understand we can not charge for a game that relies on chance or random-numbers, such as slots or real-events, but if a casino had a points system (e.g. each avatar has points associated with that casino and uses that to pay the machines, and can win points respectively) then would it be violating the wagering policy to charge to buy additional points? (e.g. each player gets 100 points free a day, but if they want more they can go up to a counter and interact with a scripted object to pay L$ for more points that they can use on those machines)
  2. So would you say there is no longer a point in having stores? I mean, I see a lot of products I buy (freebies and paid alike) that still give notes about shop locations to check out, on top of groups to join. I was told shops might be good for things like exclusives or in-store only, but surely they've become obsolete if the shop itself is no longer really functional.
  3. So what causes so many malls to still stand? There are some that are empty but have been going for ages, some just became ghost towns but are never shutting down.
  4. When you say malls are a thing of the past, is that a very recent thing? I feel like I still see tons of shops and malls, but they're just all devoid of shoppers, but there are still so many shops setup and looking professional. I still see a ton of ads too, regardless of local activity.
  5. I know this question pops up every day of every week of every month, etc etc, but returning to Second Life has made me wonder how valid such raised questions are. Am I right in thinking Second Life is less active nowadays? I can go to 30 different sandboxes where I see 1 person per island, yet 30+ adboards and 15 taken shops. I rent a spot by a DJ club island and only 2 other shops are taken and I've never seen the owners on. I see 3-4 people on and events seem to rarely be organized. Am I just going to the wrong places, or is it genuinely becoming tougher to find activity on SL? I find the Marketplace an odd sign of activity, because the marketplace is so bustling with content that it looks like there is still a major active community, yet I find very few outside of areas focused strictly on mass-homespawn socialization.
  6. Hi there, I'm Traslogan of Logan n Tritus Inc. We're a small upstarting group/company operating in-game who do scripting, management, planning, and so on. However we are looking for 3D artists! Our work is planned in product-lines rather than per-item, so it is easier to say we offer periods of work rather than fulltime ingame work. For our current work, we're in need of 3D artists who can also do textures. Basic animation abilities will bode well too. (Note: Our animation demands are currently very limited. It is not a required key-focus area) If you are interested in applying, IM "Traslogan" in-game or message me here on the forums. If possible, we'd like you to come along to our shop when working and please supply at least an image or two of what you are capable of. Payment to contracts may be agreed upon at the start, but there are no upfront payments.
  7. I'm looking into creating an object that can disappear partially as it is interacted (aka after x interacts, part of the model is gone). My original thought was to do this via animation and pause it at keyframes showing the missing piece, but I don't know if llStopAnimation pauses an animation or completely resets it. Can someone tell me? If it resets instead of pauses, is there a way to just pause the animation?
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