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  1. I'm not satisfied with "pretty good". Only the maximum ... Only "Hardcore" ... The question was not how to set up to play (I have been playing for several years and I know all the subtleties of the settings), but how to make the game work at 100% of the computer's power. but thanks for the answer.
  2. "Alchemy" at ultra settings gave an increase of up to 60-70 fps. but the GPU "GeForse RTX 2080 SUPER" was still only 35% used. The "Intel Core i7-9700" processor is only 30% loaded. memory free 24 out of 32 GB. Thanks for the comprehensive answer.
  3. the game does not want to use all the power of the computer. at ultra settings, it gives out only 10-15 fps, while the processor and video card just relax and do not strain. only it is inappropriate to write here about cleaning the system or reinstalling Windows and drivers, or about viruses. other games on the same computer run at ultra settings at 60-120 fps and use all the power and all the resources of the computer.
  4. Hello my friend. Thank you for your purchase. I received your double purchase message. as soon as I get to the computer, I will refund your purchase amount.
  5. Second Life viewer is crashed when I turn on the Parcel audio like this: "http://icecast.radiodfm.cdnvideo.ru/st05.mp3" is not mp3 file. this stream in the mpeg format. Other people in this land listen to the stream without problems. outside of Second Life in firefox stream plays without problems.When I change a link to a stream like this: "http://listen2.myradio24.com:9000/1917" I hear the music well and my viewer does not crash. P.S. It happens only when connecting to the Internet via mobile broadband modem (Vodafone K5150 LTE). likely, this problem has nothing to
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