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  1. Looking for your own little slice if paradise? Where there are refreshing dawns and Corona-worthy sunsets? Seychelles Isles has what you're looking for with open sailing and flight throughout, a mainland, and Blake Sea connection, Seychelles Isles Estates is located in the center of it all! See our availability at http://bit.ly/1HvDB6F with priced starting under 2500/week, we are competitive with most group-owned estates. For more info contact Rain Inoue (therrainia Resident) in game or via email at rain.inoue82@gmail.com
  2. I'm experiencing this as well, it started a few days ago, I've clean installed, tried different viewers, nothing helps. BUT What I did find was that when you click the edit option, it takes you into the edit menu, and the parts show up there, but not in the outfits area under the saved outfit. No help, just some shared experience.
  3. Seychelles Isles Estate is now renting homesteads, half homesteads and quarter homesteads Come live in fully sailable and flyable waters connected to the mainland. Enjoy live music, racing, and fly out from our airport to destinations on the Blake, Dire Strait, Bingo Strait, Nautilus, Gaeta IV, and Corsica. We're connected to everything in the new continents. Links to our land and prices: Homesteads: 3750 Prims, full region, 40,000L/month. !SIES! Bijouter Isle !SIES! Silhouette Isle !SIES! Farquhar Isle !SIES! Vache Isle !SIES! Grantic Isle !SIES! Grantic Isle !SIES! Bancs DeSable Isle !SIEN! Moyenne Isle Half Homestead 1875 Prims, half region, prices below: !SIES! Christian Isle N - 20,000L/month !SIES! Astride Isle S - 20,000L/month !SIEN! Petite Soeur Isle N - 22,500L/month !SIEN! Conception Isle N - 22,500L/month Quarter Homesteads 937 Prims, quarter region, prices below: !SIEN! Chauve Soris Isle SE - 11,250L/month !SIEN! Curieuse Isle SE - 11,250L/month !SIEN! Curieuse Isle NW - 11,250L/month
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