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  1. I got windows 10 yesterday, and firestorm worked fine, but today it does not seem to want to work. hmm...
  2. OMG Thats an amazing list, some on there I know of but others I never seen before, Thank you soooo much =)
  3. Any favorite destinations (some don't show on the Destination part of the map page) that rent houese out? can be part of towns and so on. I'm on the hunt to rent a house (or apartment). Any help given is appreciated!!!
  4. I had to start a new account, so I choose the new avatars (they look better) and I picked the blonde one, well I noticed that the clothes that I have on my other avatar account doesn't work with the new avi unless the icon next to the article is the rez box....so no shirts work, it says its on but its not showing up on the body....I changed to the old avi and everything works fine on that one, anyone else have this issue? (I think the new avi is Sara, cause the clothing is the blue dress and its called Sarah Mesh)
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