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  1. Thank you so so so much! Not including joint positions worked! You are amazing!!
  2. I've never heard of applying a scale before. In Blender, I stretch them down to fit the imported Second Life Avatar. Is there more to it than that?
  3. I will try these and get back to you. =) Thank you!
  4. I'm using Firestorm. It happens to anyone who clicks my feet, not just myself.
  5. I have uploaded joint positions and I have not changed the orgin from between the feet. Do I need to change the orgin?
  6. I have fixed my previous LI issues and insane vertices have been reduced dramatically. My new issue, is that my 11 prim beautiful feet do something strange! When I wear them, everything is fine, once I click edit on them, my avatar is offset along the z axis upwards about half my avatar's height. I'm tossed up in the air and it's quite annoying. I am dropped back down as soon as I leave edit mode. Has anyone else encountered this when wearing rigged/weighted mesh objects?
  7. My feet are exact as far as size since I am modeling them to the avatar I took directly from SL.
  8. I have reduced the vert count to 9881 and there are no longer tiny triangles. The newest issue, is that once I have aligned, rigged and weighted my feet, I export them as a .dae. When I upload them in SL and wear them, it is acting as if I had the entire skeleton, avatar and feet selected and my avatar turns into a Frankenstein mishap. The feet split my avatar in half and contort it. I have to detach the object and log out to get my avatar to go back to normal.
  9. In Blender it is not 47,000 vertices, so I don't know why it says that on the upload screen. I tried to upload it earlier and it told me 336 LI. I just tried it again to get a screen shot and now it's 438. I'm not doing anything different. Each time, it gives me a different value, all of which are way too much.
  10. Ah okay. I'll do that shortly! :matte-motes-big-grin:
  11. I have reduced the vertices in Blender to 8000 and my LI is now over 1000. I've tried to use different physic shapes. I've tried lowering the LOD's. I've tried everything I can think of and still my feet are high. I'm now trying to learn how to weight paint my feet manually in the event that transferring weights from the SL Avatar to my feet are the problem.
  12. Also, I feel I should point out, I'm not talking about how many vertices in SL, I'm talking about Blender. Generally anything under 1000 vertices is half a prim. I've made little knick knacks like candy bowls and tea cups for my kitchen, even my dining room table. All of these were fine. My table was detailed and 13,456 verts in Blender and ended up being 2 prims in SL. Diving into the world of making things for the avatar seems to complicate things. I followed tutorial videos and did exactly what was instructed to attach them to the avatar and apply weights. Something isn't working and I can't seem to figure it out.
  13. I have reduced them down to 8,000 verts and now my LI is over 1000. Rigging them has been successful, I made block feet to test and see if maybe it was the rigging. It's not. I've lowered the lowest and low down almost all the way for LOD. Even with all of that, the LI is not coming down. Could tranferring the SL Avatar weight paints to my feet be causing the issue?
  14. Thank you for your reply! I know it's a lot for feet, I just don't want to undo all the detail spent making them! If that's the only option than of course I'll have no choice. I guess I could reduce down one trial pair and see if it even works in world. =)
  15. Hello! I'm new to Blender and have created my own feet for my avatar. I have successfully rigged them (I believe) and want to bring them into SL to test. I go into Build, Upload, Model, Chose .dae of my feet, and then the chaos happens. My SL crashes, or it allows me to ALMOST upload them. When it allows me to almost upload them, I name my model, go to Upload options, I choose Include skin weight. I then go back to Physics and lower lowest, low and medium values. When I click calculate weights and fees it tells me my feet of 25,386 verts in Blender (should be about 2 prims in SL) has a LI of 776!!! I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong or how to upload them without lowering the LOD too much as I really like how they look as is. Thank you in advance!
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