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  1. I don't know what's going on, but for the last few days i've been having an issue with everything or half of everything I have on, detatching randomly. Most of the time it happens after I teleport somewhere or detach one thing. like i detached a necklace and my bodt, hair, dress, huds and a few more things just poofed. I've cleared my cache. I'm not sure what else to do.
  2. Ive had my wife test it and a couple friends. All seems fine. Others may have issues with 10s clips but i dont seem to be. The only thing i come across is lag and that cant be helped and sometimes there is small little blips, but i think i only heard them cause im listening for them. When i played it for others they said it was smooth. Now i can play all 3 of my dancers and not even hear any issues anymore. Probably cause i stopped nitpicking. Anyway, multiple people helped me test them and all is good now.
  3. Well i finally managed to get it working. Also sl does take sound files that are exactly 10s long. Mine were all spit that way and they all uploaded just fine.
  4. Edit for new information scratch this. diff script below ok so i have a new script, everything seems to be working so far, but the sound still skips, but it's not too noticable i guess, like if you listen you can just hear a tiny skip. Are dancers normally like this? I listened to a few dancers i have and they skip for longer when they didnt seem to before. idk if im just lagging or what. I put the llSoundQueueing in myself because it wasnt there before, however i dont know if i did it correctly, I don't get errors and it plays, but there are still tiny little skips. integer ON = 0; //STATE OF SCRIPT//YOU EDIT THESE PARTS FOR NEW ANIMATIONS, SOUND CLIPS ETC. DO NOT TOUCH THE SCRIPTinteger MaxSoundClips = 9; //AMOUNT OF SONG CLIPS, NAME THEM 1,2,3,4,ETCinteger SoundLength = 10; //FIRST SERIES OF SOUND LENGTHSinteger LastSoundLength = 10; //INCASE LAST SOUND CLIP IS SHORTERinteger SoundClipNumber = 0; //FOR SOUND LOOPinteger AnimCycleTime = 0;integer CurrAnimCycle = 0;integer AnimNumber = 1;integer MaxAnims = 1;string LastAnim = "dance 5 ik";ResetToDefault(){llStopSound();llSetTimerEvent(0.00);llStopAnimation(LastAnim);ON = 0;SoundClipNumber = 0;AnimNumber = 0;}Initialize(){MaxSoundClips = llGetInventoryNumber(INVENTORY_SOUND);MaxAnims = llGetInventoryNumber(INVENTORY_ANIMATION);ResetToDefault();}default{state_entry(){llListen(0, "", "", "");LastAnim = llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_ANIMATION, 0);Initialize();}attach(key id){if(id){llOwnerSay(" Commands on or off");llRequestPermissions(id, PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION);}else ResetToDefault();}run_time_permissions(integer perm){if(perm & PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION){Initialize();}}timer(){llPlaySound((string)(++SoundClipNumber),1.0);if(ON == 1){llSetTimerEvent(SoundLength); ON = 2;}if(SoundClipNumber == MaxSoundClips){llSetTimerEvent(LastSoundLength); ON = 1; SoundClipNumber = 0;}llPreloadSound((string)(SoundClipNumber+1));CurrAnimCycle++;if(CurrAnimCycle >= AnimCycleTime){CurrAnimCycle = 0;AnimNumber++;if(AnimNumber >= MaxAnims){AnimNumber = 0;}string anim = llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_ANIMATION, AnimNumber);llStopAnimation(LastAnim);llStartAnimation(anim);LastAnim = anim;}}listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message){ llSetSoundQueueing(TRUE); llPlaySound("1", 0.5); llPlaySound("2", 0.5); llPlaySound("3", 0.5); llPlaySound("4", 0.5); llPlaySound("5", 0.5); llPlaySound("6", 0.5); llPlaySound("7", 0.5); llPlaySound("8", 0.5); llPlaySound("9", 0.5);message = llToLower(message);if (ON == 0 && message == "on"){ON = 1;string anim = llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_ANIMATION, AnimNumber);llStartAnimation(anim);LastAnim = anim;llSetTimerEvent(0.01);}else if(message == "off"){ResetToDefault();}}}
  5. Let me first start off by saying that I really do not know how to script. I only have a slight understanding due to learning some programing languages years ago. That being said, I'm trying to make a dancer. I split the song up into 10 second clips, I took a modifiable script from a free dancer I already had, it has some instructions, but apparently not enough. Now I really don't know if it's a script problem or the way I cut the audio, but I have the first 2 clips inside the dancer just to test it out before I upload the rest and it just doesn't transition smoothly. I'm not entirely sure what i did wrong, I know I split up te song right, at least pretty sure. Anywho, I'll just show the script I currently have: integer ON = 0; string animation = "dance 5 ik"; //Put the Name of the Animation between the "" after adding the animation in the Object string activationTrigger = "On";//set the activation trigger here string deactivationTrigger = "Off";//set the deactivation trigger here integer Max_Sound_Clips = 02;//Put the number of Sound Clips where the 8 is Ex: 20 integer Sound_Length = 10; //put the sound length 1-10 integer Last_Sound_Length = 10; //if the sound lenght is to small for the the LAST clip, change the 2 for 1-10 integer SoundClipNumber = 0;// DONT CHANGE!!! //Dont change anything below!!!! ResetToDefault() { llStopSound(); llSetTimerEvent(0.00); llStopAnimation(animation); ON = 0; SoundClipNumber = 0; } default { state_entry() { llListen(0, "", "", ""); } attach(key id) { if(id) { llOwnerSay("To Turn On: " + activationTrigger + " // To Turn Off: " + deactivationTrigger); llRequestPermissions(id, PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION); } else ResetToDefault(); } timer() { llPlaySound((string)(++SoundClipNumber),1.0); if(ON == 1){llSetTimerEvent(Sound_Length); ON = 2;} if(SoundClipNumber == Max_Sound_Clips){llSetTimerEvent(Last_Sound_Length); ON = 1; SoundClipNumber = 0;} llPreloadSound((string)(SoundClipNumber+1)); } listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message) { message = llToLower(message); if (ON == 0 && message == llToLower(activationTrigger)) { ON = 1; llStartAnimation(animation); llSetTimerEvent(0.01); } else if(message == llToLower(deactivationTrigger)){ResetToDefault();} } }I hope someone can help me out. It would be greatly appreciated. Also, sorry for any typos or anything, I had surgery on my hand recently, typing can be a bit of a pain sometimes.
  6. To use gestures you need to open the gesture and click activate at the bottom. Also at the top of the window it will tell you what to type in chat to trigger it. As for the huds, those are not gestures, they are dancers. Gestures are only last a certain amount of time while dancers have an on/off function so you can play the dancer for however long you like. When you attach a dancer you will see the command for starting and stopping the dancer in chat. Hope that helps.
  7. I'm having an issue with some characters showing up as squares in chat and on names. I have windows 10 fully updated and the recent version of the firestorm viewer. My partner does not have this issue and they have the same OS and version of firestorm. This is what I see on one of my group titles: https://gyazo.com/30007a1679718d55af2a940dcfe125b2 My partner sees a heart there. I've tried installing language packs, using different fonts, nothing works. I didn't have this issue this past spring, so I'm not sure why it's an issue now. Anyone know how to fix this?
  8. Yeah later on it eventually worked. I thought it might have been SL itself. I'm very glad it wasn't an issue on my end! c:
  9. I'm trying to leave a group and it tells me I left, disappears from my group list, but a split second later, it comes right back. I tested another group and it does the same thing. I'm using forestorm viewer and it's the latest version. I've cleared the cache a few times, relogged, reinstalled (clean reinstall) and this problem still persists. I'm at my max number of groups and I wish to leave one to join another, but SL doesn't want to let me. I've been troubleshooting for an hour with no luck. Anyone know what I could do that I haven't tried already?
  10. @Pamela Mostly venting but also asking for advice. That's the kind of help I wanted. Getting opinions about how my avi looks, if she really looks so much like a child that maybe it would be best if I changed or something. I didn't want to have to change. I wanted to know if I was crazy or if other people were the crazy ones for thinking I'm a child.
  11. Well even in sims that are not rated as Adult I get this kind of treatment. I suppose I can understand that people don't want to risk child avi's doing sexual things on their sim, but I'm not even going to sims with sex available. What's next? Am I going to get kicked out of a store for innocently shopping because I look younger? Also like I said, my tag and my profile state I'm not a child. My profile even states that I do not want to have sex with others or even ERP. The thought of having a more mature avatar crossed my mind, although I just really don't want to look like everyone else. I see mature and sexy avatars everywhere. Also I've had a mature sexy avatar before and that got me the "hey wanna bang?" messages no matter where I was. So I suppose either way I'm going to get some unwanted attention. Either people wanting to sex me up or telling me to gtfo cause I look like a kid to them. Honestly, I don't think my avatar looks like a kid at all. Sure she looks young, but if you look around irl, girls ages 18 to at least 25 sometimes still look really really young. I think my avi looks like she could be 19-20 years old. She's also 5'7. Shorter than some, but not child short. Also if I had a more mature avi, I wouldn't know what places I should wear it because I'm getting this kind of stuff in non-adult places. IMO people need to chill out and not take one look at me and go "OMG SHE LOOKS YOUNG! SHE'S GOING TO GET ME IN TROUBLE!" I suppose though that you're right. If I want to look younger than most, I'll have to put up with this stuff. It still angers me that it has to be that way and I had to vent it and ask if my avatar really looks that bad that I need to get this kind of crap.
  12. So, excuse me if I sound snippy about this but I'm rather angry right now. So I made my avatar with cute in mind. No, I don't want to be a child avi, I just want to be a cute avi. I've spent a lot of lindens trying to make myself look cute but not like a child. It's been hard but I thought I pulled it off. I guess I was wrong because on many occations I've been told to leave a place (just now got asked to leave a sandbox) cause they don't allow child avi's. Now none of these places were adult places, like I'm not going to places full of sex or anything. Like I said one place was a sandbox another place was a fancy ballroom place that I was looking at to possibly go with my girlfriend later. Here is what my avi looks like right now, just after being told I couldn't be in a sandbox. http://i.imgur.com/C0V7hi5.jpg My tag even states that my avi is over 18. My profile states my avi is over 18 and yet I keep getting crap from people telling me "sorry no child avi's" I like my look, I don't want to change it. I don't want to look slutty, I don't want to wear all black and have a ton of piercings in my face. Sure those looks can work and sometimes they look good, but damn it I want to be cute without people telling me I'm a child. What do you guys think? Do I really look horribly childish? How can someone be cute here without getting this kind of crap from people? Is it even possible?
  13. Changing the breasts actually worked. I'm glad I'm able to modify my shape.
  14. I really want this cute dress but I'm having this problem with the alpha: http://i.imgur.com/yUMPek8.jpg I've had this happen on clothes before but just never purchased them if they did this. However I feel like there has to be a way to fix it. Maybe? Anyone know?
  15. Well, I suppose that's good to know, regardless of it kind of being a letdown. I mean I kind of figured it might be that way. I think we'll still edit pictures for fun and maybe if we're lucky something might come of it if we get friends that want profile pictures or something. I dunno. I keep trying to find ways for us to make some money but it doesn't seem to come easy. I don't want to work in the adult industry, been there done that and these days you gotta write out a novel of an emote to get a job anywhere and it's all based on luck if you get tips. I wish I had some sort of skill that could help bring in lindens, but let's face it, I'm not good at anything really lol. I know the easiest way is just to buy lindens but if we're not careful we might spend too much, buying things can get rather addicting. So I was hoping to find some way to make lindens without having to spend RL money anymore. Guess we'll just have to see how things go.
  16. I just set up a portfolio on flickr a few minutes ago. https://www.flickr.com/photos/125517396@N04/ There isn't much there yet, but we have a ways to go before we start anything since we don't have the place yet and no equiptment yet. So while we slowly get there we'll keep building the portfolio up.
  17. Hello! So my SO and I are thinking of starting up a photography business. Neither of us have ever had a business before so excuse the newbie question here. :P So how do photographers get paid? Like we want to set up a little area for the business, but can you do some sort of vendor system or is it usually like, getting paid upfront before you start your work? My SO seems to think that we can just put up a vendor when we're done with the picture and they pay whatever the price is to get it, but I honestly don't know if any photographers do that or if it's the best way. Also is there any recommendations on what sort of photo studio to use and any other things we might need? If we're going to do this, I'd like it to be done correctly. Thanks! <3
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