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  1. I'm a 20 year old looking for family and friends in Second Life. I tend to be a bit shy at first, but don't worry! I'll come out of my shell if you just talk to me a little. ^^ If you'd like to chat or something, message me in game! (Asuryn Resident) ^^
  2. Ryn Rhea Tutoring & Childcare is looking for partners to help better the program and get other people involved. We're a small business focused on teaching teens and children within Second Life. We recently opened, and are encouraging fellow business owners to come check us out, and maybe work out a partnership deal! We're also looking for tutors and babysitters, so even if you don't own your own business you can still help! Come down to the Ryn Rhea Tutoring & Childcare Schoolhouse to pick up an application, or contact Asuryn Resident in-world to get started.
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