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  1. Just smooth out some pictures, make the pictures more vibrant looking as well. Also want a banner done but again it's simple work
  2. Had to format my machine, took ages to reinstall everything so I'm being lazy and wondering if someone can quickly photoshop a few things for me. Nothing too crazy! If you want to do this I'll pay 1000L for a bundle of 5 pictures of 200L per picture (if more is needed) please contact me at Akoshi Resident if you are interested! Thank you!
  3. When it comes to character creation your essentially story telling. So you want to start with who is my character, what is their name, what will they look like, what sort of traits do they have for example do they bite their lip when their nervous, do they walk or talk a certain way, perhaps my character can't pronounce their R's properly. You want to create a back story too! The more detailed the story is the more convincing, so where are they from, what was their younger years like, who is their family? Then you move onto what you character looks like! Generally when it comes to Gor you want to keep one paticular look, so your eyes won't or your hair. Does your character have any distinguishing looks? Maybe a mole on their cheek or a scar on their forehead from a fight they had with someone. That's the basics of creating a character. If you can do this then you will have more fun when roleplaying and you'll find it easier to immerse yourself in the roleplay Good luck!
  4. I'm a prim builder in world, looking to use Blender when I upgrade my computer! But for now I'm building old fashioned victorian homes and creepy stuff such as abandoned shacks, run down carousels. I'm hoping to sell these items at some point but I wanted to know, how popular are these items in SL? I know theirs a spurt of horror sims popping up left, right and center but I'm not sure if this is because October is near.
  5. We are currently looking for new dancers! What we require from our Dancers here at Ari's Den: - Must be over the age of 18 years old -Must be 30 days old depends on how well you have adjusted to Secondlife -Must be able to come in for an interview. -Can be male or female and any sexual orientation We don't ask for much! Now to tell you what we have to offer here at the club. We do not expect our girls/gents to dress a certain way, we believe in expressing yourself creatively, although we disallow child avi's and furries. We hold classes for noobies to secondlife. We teach classes on dancing etiquette, emoting classes and fashion classes which teach you how to dress great at low prices. We are planning to build a mansion for our girls/gents to live in so you have a place to stay! We are in the middle of opening up a VIP area so we will be hiring Text and Voice Escorts. We are also opening a bdsm section so we will be looking for Subs/Toys and Dom/mes We are a tight knit family, we do not believe in drama here! If you feel this job may be right for you please just IM me in world :) Sincerely, Akoshi Resident.
  6. We are an Adult Strip club which means you will have to be over the age of 18 years old! Our Events Manager is currently in hiatus so we are looking for someone to replace their role for now. You do not need any experience as you will be trained up by me! There is no fixed salary, everyone here works for tips but at the end of our events everyone will have made a nice little pocket of L. If you are interested in the position please just IM me in world so we can set up an interview! Sincerely, Akoshi Resident
  7. My name is Akoshi Resident but people call me Koshi! I am Co-owner of a strip club and find I don't really have much time to go out into the world and make connections so I thought I'd drop by here and see if anyone wanted to be friends :) A little bit about myself... -Engaged in SL to a very lovely man so friends only please -I enjoy horror and gore. -Builder and looking to learn more, wiling to accept mentors to guide me! Also interested in learning to script -Addicted to strip clubs and bdsm, while I don't perform bdsm I do like to discuss it and learn about peoples fetishes. -Shopping addict although I only have time to do it on the marketplace, open to exchanging stores -Get on with both genders -Play guitar, super gamer, love to voice on SL, shopping, reading and writing. Just hit me up in SL if ya wanna be friends. Here is a picture of my latest look, most of the time I'm more morbid than this.
  8. Do you have some rad tats you wanna show off or some narly scars with bizarre stories to woe our lovely dancers with? Well come on down to Ari's Den with a chance to win 1000L for the best in tattoos! Dj Nodo will be spinning tunes from 2pmslt time and our winners will be announced at 4pmslt! You dont' know what you are missing until you are here! <3
  9. Hi there! I have finally opened my Diner, so if you'd like to swing by and take a look then search for my name and click on the landmark! Hope to see some new faces there :)
  10. Hi again! My friend and I are looking to open up a strip club and a hangout (my diner) but do it on the same sim, how can this be done? My query is that when you tp into a sim it has the name of that sim on the top of your viewer, is there a way so that when you tp into the club it shows the name of that and when you tp into my diner it shows the name of that too? Also how do you add someone to coowner of a land? is it through groups? Any help is appreciated :)
  11. Hello all! My name is Akoshi Resident! (if you decide to snoop a little further you will find I am 200 days old but this isn't my first joy ride) I have been in secondlife since 2009 and at one point even participated in the old forums here, but lets not delve into that right now, I am looking for some help from you guys as I am stumped! NSFW: I used to hangout in this sex sim, but it was more of a hangout than a sexy time place. It was called the **bleep**-N-GO-DINER! I am looking to open a replica of the place but I would like to discuss this with the old owner (If they are still here that is) just to make sure its ok to go through with this and make it exact rather than changing it. So if anyone can remember the place or knew the person that owned the property can you please either IM me here with the information or send me an IM @ Akoshi Resident Thank you! I will be keeping an eye on this thread :)
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